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These Android golf games are above par

by Larry Sullivan

It may not yet be golf season, but I thought it would be fun to check out some great golf games available to play on Android. I like golf, but I do much better playing on my Android than I do on the course.

Flick Golf! ($0.99)

Flick Golf is a beautifully designed and easy to play golf game. The rules are simple: flick the golf ball toward the hole. While the ball is in the air, you can actually guide and direct it somewhat (again by flicking on the screen). Just like in real golf, you want to get the ball in the cup but if you don’t, you can also score points the closer the ball is to the cup. There is no putting in the game!

The game comes with six regular courses and two bonus courses. You can use an in-app purchase to unlock them all, or earn your way through them. The game has extensive leaderboards, and a statistics area as well as a brief tutorial. There are three different game modes: Quickshot – a timed round on a course you choose; World Tour - you have nine shots during your turn to get your best score possible, and finally Quickshot Pro - you need to get a certain score within a certain time to advance.

Super Stickman Golf 2 (Free)

This physics-based golf game will provide you with tons of great golfing fun. Gameplay is pretty simple. At each hole, you first need to adjust your shot’s angle with the appropriate on screen arrows. When ready, hit “Go” and then select the power of the shot. Just like in real golf, you want to get the ball in the cup with the least amount of shots.

The game has three difficulty settings and a number of courses under each. The courses need to be played in order and unlocked. You can do practice rounds or the campaign mode. There are over 20 courses to play and turn-based multiplayer. As you play, you can earn golf bux to unlock power ups, or you can get them via in-app purchases. The game has 53 achievements to earn and also has Open Feint leaderboards.

Mini Golf'Oid Free (Free)

Mini Golf'Oid Free is a challenging golf game with slightly different game mechanics. To hit the ball, you drag your finger across the screen in the direction you want it to go. The further you drag it the stronger the shot. Different holes will have different challenges, so practice is definitely recommended. The game comes with a couple of courses but to open more, you need to earn coins.

To advance in the game you need to either earn or purchase coins. The game comes with four modes. There is single player mode, where you play solo and try to earn coins. The tournament mode is where you play on a course which can have an unlimited number of players; there is an entrance fee but there is also a prize for the winner. The challenge mode is where you play against others online and you wage coins on the round. And finally, there is the course designer section. Here, you can design courses but it costs coins to access this section. However, you will earn coins if others download your course.

Tiki Golf 3D FREE (Free)

Tiki Golf 3D Free is one of several Tiki golf games from Arb Studios LLC. In the game you are Tiki Bobby and you must travel to different locations to get back your prize artifacts that have been taken. The controls are pretty easy. Simply touch the screen and angle the arrow in the direction you want to hit. After you hit, you can select the strength behind the shot. The game is nicely done in 3-D and you will follow the ball close up as it travels the course.

This is a full version of the game with ads. You can remove the ads by purchasing the pro version. The game comes with three modes. The first mode is “Super Putt Putt,” where you try your best on the course. The “Pineapple Adventure” mode is where you try to collect pineapples as you play the course, and finally there is the time trial mode, where you need to get the ball in the cup within a certain amount of time. The game also has an online leaderboard, two unlockable difficulty levels and two worlds (Lono's Beach and the unlockable Kahuna's Volcano).

Practice makes perfect when playing golf on the course or on your Android. Each of these games will challenge you in different ways. Golf is a game of accuracy and patience. To do well, most of the time it is not how hard you hit the ball but where you hit it. When you mess up (and you will), do not try to break your Android over your knee or throw it in the water hazard. So Android golfers, which games have you tried?