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Fresh Android Apps for Apr. 3: Painkiller: Purgatory HD, Crime City, Gunslingers

by Ian Black

Today’s fresh selection delivers the dark side of gaming in the Google Play Store. Fight your way out of limbo in Painkiller: Purgatory HD, battle to become the Captain of Captains in Crime City, and take part in a shootout in Gunslingers.

Painkiller: Purgatory HD ($1.11)

The title says it all. You play a character in Purgatory and you must battle the forces of evil in order to overthrow the devil and make your way to Heaven. In your favor, you’ll have over-the-top weapons, the ability to collect souls to heal yourself, and excellent fighting skills.

You’ll face three levels of difficultly, unlockable modes like Nightmare and Trauma, and major boss battles.

Crime City (Free)

Here’s your chance to experience a life of organized crime first hand. Enter this massive multiplayer game to perform 500+ jobs, complete 200 goals, and explore 60 areas of the game.

Grow your skills in order to build your empire. You may have to execute heists, beat down rivals, mug people, and even perform executions to prove your leadership role. Whose town is it anyway?

Gunslingers ($0.99)

Did you ever wonder what it was like to duel with six-guns in the old West? Now you can experience the thrills and chills with your Android as your trusty weapon. Choose either single player or multiplayer (over Bluetooth) modes, wait for the vibration start signal, then draw! A graphical tutorial shows you tips on executing the fast draw with your phone.

Winners earn more bounty points as their kill streak continues. Champions become the Most Wanted.