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Battleloot Adventure tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

It won’t top last week’s list, but this week saw some seriously solid releases, including one chart topper. Temple Run from Imangi studios finally made its long, long awaited Android debut, and it’s every bit as addicting a runner as ever. Battleloot Adventure from Digital Tales was also released, offering a fun RPG battle experience packed with personality. DotEmu’s second old school remake saw the light of day, another fun collection of zany and random games from Com2Us was released, and much more. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Battleloot Adventure (Free)

No, really. I’m serious. This is not an April Fool’s day joke. I know you were all expecting Temple Run to take the top spot, but this fun RPG from Digital Tales and Tapjoy is every bit as enjoyable, albeit for completely different reasons in a completely different way. It’s very reminiscent of Battleheart in structure, set up like an arcade game where you go through battles like stages, leveling your characters, hiring new party members, and getting better equipment. The battle system itself is much more traditional, splitting the battlefield down the middle. The game is packed full of personality and charm, and let’s be honest, everyone already knows about Temple Run, so I figured I’d give the top spot to my own personal favorite. Both are excellent and deserve a download.

Temple Run (Free)

What more can be said that wasn’t already said in our video review? This is one of the most original and addictive endless runners to come along in quite a while, and was one of the top downloaded titles on iOS last year. In the eager anticipation of an Android port, several fakes and imitations went up, hoping to steal some thunder and downloads, but the real deal has arrived. By throwing the camera behind you rather than to the side of you, and by asking the player to constantly make split second decisions, Imangi has created something pretty special. All the objectives and unlockables are just the icing on the cake.

Another World ($4.99)

This is the second of DotEmu’s mobile adaptations to get an Android release, the first of which being R-Type. This is the twentieth anniversary remake of the game, which brought with it great new visuals and a kind of gameplay that you just can’t find anymore. It may feel a bit dated, but you truly feel as though you’ve been thrust into an alien world as you explore, die, explore again, and die some more. The original visuals can be switched to at any time, and both settings look great. The game is very atmospheric and feels truly rewarding, despite its simplicity and difficulty. Not for everyone, but definitely worth further inspection.

MiniGame Paradise (Free)

This is another random assortment of games to be released from Com2Us, much like Puzzle Family from last week’s list. In fact, this game was released one day after that title, but I figured the lists would benefit from more variety. Rather than eight puzzle-style games, what we have here are 11 casual mini-games. Each is unique and enjoyable in its own way. The same eccentric and random art style can be found here, and of course, all games past the first four must be unlocked through play, among various other unlockables. There are even different characters to take into each game with you. Definitely give this odd one a look.

Aztec (Free)

This is the latest title from Magma Mobile, who you probably know as the makers of Bubble Blast in its many, many, many, many iterations. They have released tons of simple games with fairly basic gameplay and production values, but they’re often innovative or novel in one way or another. This tile sliding, picture matching game starts out very easy, but quickly devolves into a challenging, brain busting puzzler with much more depth than originally thought. Whether you’re playing the Challenge, Arcade, or Time Trial mode, this one is sure to please puzzle fans.

SoulCraft Beta (Free)

I decided to round this list out with the recent release of the latest SoulCraft Beta as more of an announcement piece. The original release, SoulCraft THD was on this list several weeks ago, but this version is distinctly lacking the “Tegra HD” part of that title, making it much more widely available to any of you who saw it then but couldn’t try it. New locations and character classes seem to have been added since the first Beta release, so this probably offers a better snapshot of the finished title. The game was never all that strong, but I felt that it had and has great potential. I just can’t wait to see if the final release lives up to that potential.