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FIFA 12 by EA Sports for Android knocks one in the back of the net

by Michael Ian

Football fans across the world rejoice! While Xperia PLAY owners have been kicking the ball around for months, EA Games have finally delivered their definitive soccer experience to major Android mobile handsets. While the whopping 1.5+ gigs of data files may be hard to swallow, its immersive experience and feature rich options shows that EA Games have pulled no stops.

While companies like Konami and Gameloft have tackled the sport with PES 2012 Pro Evolution Soccer and Real Soccer 2012 respectively, it's safe to say that EA deserves the cup. Sure, Real Soccer is free, but Gameloft’s pay-to-play model can be severely off-putting. On the other hand, while PES 2012 is great in its own right, its lack of tablet optimization and fewer features, all the while similarly priced, is a hit and miss. EA Games’ attention to detail truly shines in this latest iteration. From minor details such as the option to choose the ball (pink Puma Ball included), to real players’ faces, it's certainly a no-brainer which soccer game is king.

Like the NFL license of years yonder, EA currently holds the FIFA license. So it comes as no surprise to find that all your favorite teams, including those in different international leagues, are present. However the lack of online and even local multiplayer won't settle any bar fights. This omission is greatly disappointing as the AI, while certainly remaining challenging, stays at the same difficulty throughout the season.

Daily Challenge, Kick-Off, Practice Arena, Instant Replays are paired with not-so-terrible touch controls, so FIFA 12 is rolling in the right direction. Bottom line, EA Games brings every inch of the virtual field from its larger console version. Top it all off with an exhausting list of content coupled with great graphics, its the authentic soccer, er... football experience you've been looking for.