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Get mysterious with these fun Android point-and-click adventure games

by Larry Sullivan

One of the more interesting and unique types of games you can enjoy on Android is the point-and-click graphic adventure game. What exactly is a point-and-click adventure game? Well I would describe it as an interactive story-driven game where you take on the role of the main character. To move forward, you have to explore your surroundings, discover items, and have some puzzle-solving skills. Right now, there does not seem to be a lot of these games in the Play Store, but hopefully this will change in the future.

Some other key aspects about point-and-click graphic adventure games are that there is usually not much dialogue, nor written words, nor other characters in the story. You really are on your own! This definitely adds to the suspense and mystery of the games. Unfortunately, you can usually only play one game at a time and once the game does come to an end, its replay value is limited.

The Lost City ($0.99)

The Lost City is the second point-and-click adventure game from Fire Maple Games. Their other is The Secret of Grisly Manor. Legend has it there was a civilization that somehow could control the seasons. The Lost City was part of that civilization. Grandma told you stories about the place. Now with her map and mysterious stone, you set out to find what happened. Before you know it, you are deep in the forest.

The Lost City is a beautifully designed game. The graphics and gameplay are very smooth and the game plays well on both small and large screens. The Lost City has some help options built into it. Within the game, there is a journal that keeps track of all the symbols and clues that you encounter. It also has a dynamic map that shows all of the areas you have explored, as well as your current location (very helpful). The game is broken up into eight chapters and there is a hint guide and walkthrough if you want to use them.

Cryptic Caverns ($0.99)

Cryptic Cavern is a relatively new game from 3D Methods. They have a second point-and-click adventure game called Cryptic Keep. You are shipwrecked on a deserted island... or you thought it was. You soon find out you are not alone and that a thriving civilization once lived there. Your job is to find out what happened to those that lived there. That means going into the caverns!

Cryptic Cavern is a nicely done mystery/puzzle game. It has an overall dark mood and theme to it, which is very appropriate. The game works well on small and large screens. After speaking with the developer, future updates are in the works. There are over 30 items to discover and use. The game does have a hint section for items and puzzles.

Escape room: Strange House (Free)

Escape room: Strange House is one of numerous point-and-click adventure games from IDAC Co. LTD. Some of their other titles are Dangerous Luxury Liner, Escape room: Prank House, and Escape Room: Snow White. Each of these standalone games is free. There is a creepy old house at the edge of town and you, being a curious person, decide to go in and see what it is all about. Well, when you do, the door locks behind you. The only way out now is to go through the house. To do that you must solve and figure out numerous puzzles and clues.

Escape room: Strange House can be a tough game. I got stuck on more than one occasion and took a lot of clicking on the screen to “find” things. Unlike the other games listed here, there is no hint section. Also the game only plays in portrait mode only, making it a bit difficult on small screens to see or discover items.

The Passenger ($1.00)

The Passenger is quite a bit different from the other games listed here. What is the story line? Well, that is a bit hard to say. The game opens with a man in a hat and trench coat saying goodbye to his family. Why is he leaving? Where is he going? What happened? You do not know. He gets on a train. He appears to be all alone in this very dark and spooky-looking city.

The game is played in the third-person. Clicking on the screen will make the character walk to that spot. Items to be collected will be highlighted and then placed in an on-screen tray. The game is a bit more abstract with 2-D hand-drawn backgrounds and character animations. They are nicely done and really add to the suspense and mystery of the game.

So if you like a good mystery and are naturally inquisitive, then point-and-click graphic adventure games should be right up your alley. These inexpensive games will definitely get you thinking and provide some very satisfying puzzle gameplay. In all of these games, the story line is plays a critical role and the games offer a nice change of pace to most other puzzle type games currently available.