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Angry Birds Space tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

Wow. Just wow. What a huge recent week. Most every game on this list would have topped it themselves had their releases not been so close together. Unfortunately, as it is with The Highlander, there can only be one. We’ve got not one, but two chart topping mega hits with both Angry Birds and Cut the Rope sequels! Aside from that, we’ve got Zynga’s latest With Friends casual title, a great puzzler from Com2Us, an arcade classic reborn, plus even more. Here are this week’s top Android games!

Angry Birds Space (Free)

The nearly forgotten king hath returned to claim his throne. Rovio just hit us all with their fourth Angry Birds title, and it was out of this world. Fantastic new gravity-based mechanics give the franchise new life just as it was getting stale, and the new style and super hero theme are just the icing on the cake. Old birds get new powers and abilities, and whole new birds join this iconic and memorable flock. As usual, the Android release is free, though there is a three dollar HD version and 99-cent ad-free version available as well. You can also check out our video review of the game here. Love it or hate it, Angry Birds is here to stay.

Cut the Rope: Experiments ($0.99)

The crown prince of physics puzzlers may have been forced to let the king have the spotlight this week, but you better not forget about this one. ZeptoLab just brought their sequel/spin-off to the incredibly addictive and adorable physics puzzler to Android, and it’s easily one of their best yet. It offers creative new mechanics, from rope shooters to suction cups, rockets, and even water-based puzzles. The developer has always supported this series with free level packs, and they’ve always done their best to keep things as fresh and interesting as possible. They also happen to succeed in that regard without fail. You can check out our video review of this game as well, right here. Om Nom commands it.

Scramble with Friends Free (Free)

Hot on the heels of its own iOS release, the latest Zynga “with Friends” title has also just hit Google Play. As with the other titles in this series, a classic and simple game of days gone by is made popular once again through social media integration. In this case, the word game Scramble is the target, in which you’re given an assortment of letters, and must find as many words within those letters as possible within the time limit, though they must be touching. Facebook and email contact integration and all the other fun features these games exhibit are present and accounted for, and it’s all great fun.

NBA Jam by EA Sports ($4.99)

This 1993 arcade classic from the now-bankrupt Midway was the epitome of a fun sports game, in my honest opinion. Rather than focusing on realistic simulation, which I’m not a fan of, it gave you a three on three game of basketball full of fast and furious, over the top gameplay. The first time you score a flaming slam dunk, I’m sure you’ll be hooked faster than you can say “BOOMSHAKALA!” The controls are simple and effective, the game is packed with unlockables, and the courtside commentary is hilarious. This is a title that EA got entirely right. (OK, not entirely, but you get my point!)

Puzzle Family (Free)

Puzzle Family is a colorful and eccentric collection of puzzle titles rolled into one app from Com2Us. It features eight strange and simple puzzle games, though they must be unlocked through play. Games include a block slider/match-three hybrid, and another involves finding matching pairs of blocks as they rise towards the ceiling. I’d be lying if I said I fully understood each game after my short time with them, but it was an interesting time to say the least. The uniform bizarre aesthetics and art style are definitely something you either love or hate, but this quirky puzzle game full of unlockables is definitely worth a second look. I just wish the app were a bit more stable on my Xoom.

Gravity Project (Free)

This list wouldn’t be complete without an obligatory indie title from a relative unknown. Gravity Project is a simple reflex testing auto-runner from ALPER SARIKAYA, which may or may not be a person’s name, I just do not know. It may not have the polish and brilliance of some of the other games I’ve listed, but I still had a pretty great time with it. Gravity Project involves using various gestures to jump over or slide under obstacles, or even to rotate gravity in your impractically-long tube tunnel. The controls can be a bit unresponsive at times, but I found the game novel enough to throw on this list. It won’t rock your world, but it is a solid and enjoyable time killer with cool sci-fi aesthetics. Check it out.