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Fresh Android Apps for Mar. 22: Angry Birds Space, Node.Hack, ErnCon, Shadowgun THD update

by Ian Black

Don’t call it “jumping the shark” ‘cause it’s a lot higher than that. Today, the birds in need of anger-management go ballistic and become Angry Birds Space. Download it and join the phenomenon, or be very, very lonely.

In fact, it’s wall-to-wall games in today’s fresh Android list. Hunt for cash over the Internet in Node.Hack, battle for supremacy in the ultimate star war with ErnCon, and fight to survive in the alien world of an updated Shadowgun THD.

Angry Birds Space (Free)

In space, no one can hear you grunt or trill with delight as you nose-dive into a pig, but that’s where the famous birds and their farm animal foes travel when they accidently fall into a vortex in this latest release of the most famous and successful mobile game franchise in history.

What’s new? A lot, including different outfits and powers for five of the original cast. And, there’s a brand new character with the ability to freeze objects stacked precariously in towers and forts. The new zero-G environment provides a fundamental twist and lets the creators build challenges you only dreamed about before. There are also tie-ins with Walmart, National Geographic, NASA and other major brands, so there’s no avoiding this new addiction.

Node.Hack ($0.99)

Sometimes the game gets dangerous. Here you play a computer hacker hungry for cash and the focused on the goal of hacking the world. You move from server to server on the net, snatching cash and deciding where to move next. But the Feds are chasing you across cyberspace and if they catch you, it’s game over.

To avoid capture, you’ll need to set off bombs that blow holes in the web and fire cyberspace bullets back at the agents on your tail. Remember, it’s all about the money and so keep an eye on the money counter at the bottom of the screen.

ErnCon (Free)

If you’ve never experienced full sensory overload in a game, you might want to take a sedative before playing ErnCon. Think space battle from hell – against seven other real life humans that you can play in multiplayer battles over the Internet.

You’ll have plenty of weapons – homing missiles, seeking mines, rail guns, attack drones and autonomous robots – but staying in constant motion seems smart because all your opponents have a similar arsenal. Your get $1 in ErnCon cash at the start of the game, so you must earn or buy more as you go and use the funds to get deadlier gear.

Shadowgun THD ($4.99)

This major update to the intense sci-fi action shooter brings new effects, new weapons, new character actions and a whole add-on called “The Leftover” which picks up right where the original game left off.

Relive the game’s campaign and you’ll see camera shudders and bullet trails you never saw before as well as the ability to roll. The creators say the difficulty is now more tuned to whatever level you play. In the add-on story, you’ll find a new enemy creature, new guns, a fresh soundtrack and four exciting levels to survive.