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Get rolling with these fun Android dice games

by Larry Sullivan

Every once in a while you just want to play a quick game on your Android phone. Maybe you’re waiting for the bus, but you do not want to be stuck engaged in a long level or a boss battle that you might have to stop early. Well, here are some games that can help.

These dice-based Android  games can provide some quick entertainment and a challenge. There are a lot of dice-based games currently available,  but these are the ones I found work well, are inexpensive, and provide some quick fun. Do not be surprised if you find yourself playing for more than a few minutes trying to improve your score.

Yachty Deluxe Free (Free)

Yachty Deluxe is based on the board game Yahtzee. This has always been one of my favorite games so I have tried a number of versions of this game and have found this one to my liking. Yahtzee is a simple game. You have six dice and can roll them up to three times per turn. The game lasts 13 turns and you must score the dice in one of 13 categories each turn. The challenge of the game is to figure out which category to score so you have the highest score after the last turn.

Yachty Deluxe Free comes with lot of options and nice graphics. You can play a solo game, a triples game (which is longer since you do things in triplicate), a game against the CPU, and a game against another human in pass-and-play mode. The game has OpenFeint for achievements. There is a great help section if you need it, and a paid version is also available.

Shut The Dice Box Free (Free)

I never played the game Shut the Box, so this was a new one for me. The rules of the game are simple. You have two dice and the numbers 1-10 listed. On each turn, you roll dice and then remove the numbers that add up to the score on the dice. You can only use a number once and the round ends when you cannot close numbers that add up to the score. There are three rounds in a game and you want to have the lowest score when the game is over.

This is not the prettiest or fanciest version of Shut the Box out there, but it works. The game is very, very straightforward and can be completed within minutes. The best score I have gotten is 32.

Farkle Dice - Free (Free)

In Farkle (or 10,000 as it is sometimes called), the player who has at least 10,000 by the end of the last turn wins. When it is your turn, you roll six dice. To continue you must have at least one scoring die. If you have no scoring dice then you get a farkle. Three farkles in a row and you lose! The challenge in the game is to know when to end your turn and score points. You want as many as you can get, but you could lose it all.

Farkle Dice - Free has a good number of options to it. You can play up to four opponents, either locally via pass-and-play or against the CPU. The developers have also provided the ability to change numerous options such as the score you play up to, the score amounts for three pairs, points taken off for triple farkle, and more. The game comes with Heyzap check-in and an ad free version is also available.

Lock 'n' Roll Free (Free)

Lock 'n' Roll Free is probably the most different of the games listed here. The object of the game is to get the highest score possible.  Each round you roll four dice which can be up to four different colors. You will then need to arrange them on a 4x4 grid. You will receive points for various combinations created in the grid according to number and color. The most difficult of combinations will be cleared from the grid. The game goes on until no clearable combinations exist.

The key to keeping the game going is earning enough points to get a joker, which can be used as a wildcard to help clear the screen. The game has an extensive help section, local and worldwide leaderboard, and lists of the combinations you want to create. The challenge of the game is trying to figure out where to place to dice; once you place one, you can’t move it. This is definitely a challenging and addicting game. Keeping up with all the combinations can be hard, but focus on the main ones and you should do well. Lock 'n' Roll Pro is also available which has some extra features like no ads and the ability to undo a move.

By looking in the Google Play Store, you will see there are a huge number of dice-based games. I know I have probably missed some cool ones, so which ones have you tried or play? These games are great time killers, but can you play just one game? Or are you like me, playing numerous games always trying to better your score?