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Samurai vs Zombie Defense tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week, Glu Mobile and Gameloft both released their latest freemium, IAP-driven games with Samurai vs Zombies Defense and Six-Guns respectively. Both are well made and quite fun, even if they lack depth or purpose. Bartender The Right Mix continued to be a popular and amusing distraction, and yet another Facebook style management game from Games Insight International was released, only to be downloaded and highly rated by thousands of people in an instant. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Samurai vs Zombies Defense (Free)

To put it bluntly, this is a Glu Mobile clone of the recent “castle offense” game Paladog, but it’s focused more on defense. Rather than having to destroy the enemies spawn castle, you simply have to survive a pre-set zombie wave. You play as a noble samurai defending his village from the hordes of the undead, and you can summon various ally units to help you in that task. You also gain coins and are able to upgrade and unlock your Hero, his weapons, and his various powers and allies. The game gets cripplingly difficult at some point and tries to tempt you with IAP coins, but despite that, this is definitely worth a download.

Six-Guns (Free)

One of the first games in Gameloft’s recent freemium trend, this Red Dead Redemption emulation seems to hit the mark on the surface, but a deeper look reveals the complete lack of a heart or soul. There is no story to speak of whatsoever, and the game is comprised of random, unconnected missions instead. The gameplay, however, is quite fun, and even though there several common freemium gameplay restrictions, they aren’t as bad as they first seem. There’s not much to this game, but it is a great way to mindlessly kill some time. Also, for some reason, there are ghouls, vampires and all manner of undead in this neck of the old west, so that’s fun I guess.

Bartender: The Right Mix (Free)

This isn’t so much a game as a simple interactive playground, powered by Adobe Flash. Despite that, it’s quite charming and well done, and surprisingly fun. Your goal is simple: Choose between twenty different drink ingredients, plus ice and lemons, and then pouring any amount you want and shaking as much as you want before serving to yourself. There are not many drinks to mix that won’t result in your bartender getting sick, breathing fire, or straight up dying instantaneously, but experimenting and messing around with all the possible permutations is great fun. You are scored for the quality of your drink, but there’s no real goal; just a very amusing little app.

Dragoncraft (Free)

This is a new title published by Mobage, and it’s pretty well done. It asks you to rebuild and defend a city against some vicious dragons. You must build up your troops, keep up your resources, and occasionally head out into the wilderness to fight off wild animals, enemies, and of course, dragons. The game is very guided, and plays out more like a Facebook social game than a strategy game really. It can be great fun, but it’s also very flawed in many ways. Making you wait an hour between play sessions is one example. Honestly, it hasn’t reached its true potential, but despite its flaws, it’s quite interesting and worth giving a look.

My Clinic (Free)

This is the latest and greatest management/growth and expansion title from the prolific Games Insight International. This time around, we’re managing a hospital, researching and applying various treatments to different patients, hiring and managing new staff, customizing and fixing up the various rooms, expanding to larger facilities, and much more. This is very different from most titles of this kind, even from this developer, as you don’t really place buildings or structures from an isometric camera angle. It’s still the same kind of game at heart, and if you’re into these games, I highly recommend it.

Highway Hobo (Free)

This is a technically unfinished game from BrainDeadApe Games. It’s only in the Alpha stage of development at the moment, so it’s really nowhere near completion, but despite that, I’m going to recommend people try it out. It’s a tilt-based game in which you control a hobo on a highway, and you must dodge oncoming traffic while also collecting booze as your official fuel. Sobering up or becoming a victim of manslaughter results in a game over. In its current form, it’s just an endless, “get as far as you can” kind of game, though there are in-game awards. The art is nice and the concept is quite amusing. It won’t hold your attention for long at all, but hopefully it will only get better with future updates.