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Tank Hero: Laser Wars tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week, the long awaited sequel to Tank Hero seems to have come out of nowhere to the delight of many Android users. A free expansion to the explosive puzzle game Demolition Master 3D was also released, featuring a colorful and fun holiday theme. An old iOS series got its first Android port (3D Rollercoaster Rush New York), and the latest game from a specialized iOS cloner was also released, though I’m not sure if Skater Boy is even really a clone! All of this and more can be found in this week’s top Android games.

Tank Hero: Laser Wars ($2.99)

After the massively popular Tank Hero was released over a year ago, things stayed pretty quiet. A follow-up was announced but few details were given. Now, seemingly out of nowhere, we have our sequel, and it improves upon the original in a multitude of ways. The textures are more detailed and varied, the lighting is more impressive, and the effects are more colorful and pleasing to the eye. A whole slew of new weapons are now available, and they allow you to interact with the environment in interesting new ways. Enjoy boss battles and several other new features in what is sure to become an extremely hot item in the coming weeks.

Demolition Master 3D: Holidays (Free)

Demolition Master 3D is a great physics-based puzzler in which you intelligently and logically place explosives to bring down different structures. Holidays is the new, totally free expansion to that game. It mixes things up by bringing you colorful new locations instead of the gritty construction site aesthetic of the last game. Blow things away on the beach, or at an amusement park, or even at Santa’s workshop! The art is much more varied, and while there aren’t nearly as many levels here as in the paid original version, they offer some interesting new mechanics that follow the new theme. Definitely check this one out.

3D Rollercoaster Rush New York ($0.99)

The 3D Rollercoaster Rush games comprise a fairly large series of games on iOS, and now Digital Chocolate has seen fit to bring the series to the Android, starting with their New York-themed game. Your goal in the game is to get all of the karts of kids through a massive, city wide roller coaster track alive. Each level makes up one segment of the whole track, and you have to control the speed of your karts to ensure that you don’t crash and send some kids plummeting to their deaths too often. The Android version is extremely buggy at the moment, crashing and freezing consistently depending on the device, but if it works, it’s a neat little game worth playing.

Skater Boy (Free)

RunngerGames, the company that has brought a veritable army of iOS clones to the Android, has just released another title. I’m actually not sure what iOS game this is a clone of, if any, but it is rather simple and fun regardless. As always, it’s also quite popular in terms of downloads and ratings. You simply use two buttons to accelerate and jump your skater boy through each level, collecting stars and trophies while avoiding totally random obstacles. There are plenty of levels to play through, and hopefully the game gets more challenging. As it stands, it’s a fun little title.

Demyansk Pocket (Conflicts) ($2.99)

This is definitely a very interesting game. It’s a hexagonal-tiled turn-based strategy game based on a specific 1942 conflict during World War II. Your goal is to re-establish a connection between two cities, Staraya Russa and Demyansk, and then maintain that connection for seven straight turns. This is the latest in a whole series of WWII based “Conflicts” games from the developer, and while the games aren’t very popular and they are definitely in need of some polish, it might be an interesting series to look into if you’re a strategy games fan or a history buff.