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Arel Wars tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week, Arel Wars from Gamevil takes the top spot with its intense, lane-based strategy system, epic story and colorful pixel art. Thief Lupin! quickly rose in the charts thanks to its creative one button platforming, interesting micro challenges and charm. A charming, new endless runner quickly gained popularity, and a vibrant and epic new tower defense game actually brought some innovation to a usually stale genre. All of that and more in this week's top Android games.

Arel Wars (Free)

Gamevil has tried its hand at yet another genre with this latest release. It’s a side scrolling, lane-based RTS, much in the same vein as Swords and Soldiers on the PC and iOS. Rather than focus on a charming and ridiculous story packed with humor, Arel Wars seeks to tell an epic tale of gods, heroes and the fate of the world. The patented colorful pixel art of Gamevil really brings the game to life, and it looks gorgeous. Unfortunately, The game can be rather confusing as tons of mechanics are thrown at you all at once. Still, this title is sure to please strategy fans.

Thief Lupin! (Free)

This is a simple one touch game with fast and furious platforming from Bluewind Games. Like dozens of Flash games before it, this game is based on a large variety of bite sized micro challenges as you climb the floors of a tower. New floors will introduce specific new jumping mechanics, and it's up to you to overcome each challenge with those new mechanics. The game features nice art and a hilariously bad English translation. This is definitely one of those "love it or hate it" kind of games, but thankfully it's free, so you can find out which side you fall on for yourself.

Sea Stars (Free)

This is a new endless runner that really does things right. It's heavily, and I mean heavily inspired by Jetpack Joyride on iOS, with similar mechanics and the same kind of mission system. This game remixes and expands on those mechanics very well though. You play as a dolphin, and you must avoid jellyfish and other hazards while diving, swimming, and jumping to collect power-ups and coins. Touching the screen makes you dive down, and letting go will let you leap out of the ocean. There is a lot to unlock and work towards, with plenty of unlockable new swimmers, including the most adorable Cthulhu that I've ever seen. Definitely check this one out.

Epic Defense - The Elements (Free)

This is a fantastic new tower defense from Dream Studio. It does the tower mechanic in a very interesting way. You're given simple base towers, and three elemental colored gems. After any three gems have been applied to a tower, it will transform into a new kind of tower with new attacks. There are dozens of combinations to try out here. The game is also extremely colorful and pleasing to the eye. With over 20 challenging levels, two unique modes, and three tiers of difficulty, this one will keep you busy for a while.

Airport City (Free)

Game Insight International just can't seem to stop themselves from putting games out like wildfire. Very similar to last week's list entry of My Railway, Airport City is a Facebook-style social game focusing on growth, expansion and management. And both even happen to be centered around forms of transportation. In this title, you'll build runways and hangars with your limited space, fuel up and send out planes, and build houses for your passengers. Why all those people would want to live next to a noisy airport is a mystery to me. The art is great, the music is relaxing, and if this is your kind of game, feel free to add it to your collection!

Blade (Free)

This is another entry in the "modern, mobile adaptation of Jezzball" list of games. Like Slash Lite and Fireball Deluxe before it, this game gives us a lot of what we've seen before. The aesthetics have been switched over to a Japanese motif, and the balls are now flowers, but otherwise it's the same board slashing goodness that we've come to love. There are a few notable new ball types and power-ups, and really, if you're into these games, you just want a bunch of new levels with unique new shapes to cut up, and this game serves that purpose. Derivative or not, check this one out and see what you think!