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Fragger leads Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week, the highly popular Flash and iOS title Fragger finally received an official Android release, and it’s just as simple and addicting as ever. The free pinball simulator Pinball Arcade was also released, bringing several vintage pinball tables to life in a virtual environment. The Zenonia-style Korean RPG Exitium – Saviors of Vardonia, and Paladog; a castle defense with a League of Legends twist, both gained tons of popularity and rose in the charts. You can find all of these and more in this week’s top Android games.

Fragger (Free)

If you spend a lot of time wondering about your grenade throwing capabilities, then this is the perfect game for you. Originally released as a massively popular Flash game on, this title has finally received an official Android release. Best of all, it’s completely free, powered by advertisements which can be removed through IAP. This is a simple and destructive game with appealing, colorful visuals and plenty of content. The initial release is a bit buggier than expected and not quite as compatible as other iterations of the game, but it’s still a great download.

Pinball Arcade (Free)

It’s doubtful that anyone would have been able to predict that pinball tables would find a new home on mobile gaming devices. Not only can new and imaginative tables be created in this digital realm, but the great classic pinball tables of our time can be recreated and kept alive for generations to come. Such is the case with Pinball Arcade from Farsight Studios. They’ve made pinball games for just about every platform, and they’re good at what they do. Facebook connectivity is tied closely to the game, which leads its own set of issues, but this is still a solid pinball simulator, and you can expect monthly updates with recreations of real life classics.

Exitium – Saviors of Vardonia ($1.99)

Ever since Zenonia came to the Android and popularized those tried and true Korean Role-playing game mechanics, many other games have seen fit to use them as well. Such is the case with Exitium – Saviors of Vardonia. This beautiful looking RPG brings plenty of content to the table as you try to save the world of Vardonia from utter destruction. There are four playable classes, and each class is represented by a completely unique character. How much of a difference these characters make have the story itself is unknown. There is also a free version to check out if you remain unsure.

Paladog ($1.99)

Another port of a popular iOS title, this game combines common defense game mechanics with adorable anthropomorphic animals to create something fresh and original. It basically takes the worn and overdone castle defense genre and gives it a Defense of The Ancients or League of Legends twist. Rather than just send units towards the enemy castle, you take control of a hero character, such as the Paladog or Dark Dog, and back up your units with spells and special enhancing auras. The iOS release was critically acclaimed and won a handful of mobile gaming awards for a reason. Definitely give this one a look.

Soldiers of Glory: World War 2 ($3.99)

This would be developer Cat Studio’s third foray into the tower defense genre. Each new game they put out makes use of wildly different aesthetics, with this latest title taking place in a gritty and realistic World War II setting. It’s very reminiscent of the pre “modern” era of Call of Duty or Medal of Honor. The production values are all top notch in this feature filled TD. It includes plenty of recreations of real-life vehicles and weapons, several challenging maps, an upgrading system for your different units, and much more. If you aren’t sold yet, there’s always the free version to try out for yourself.

My Railway (Free)

My Railway is another casual ‘growth and expansion’ Facebook style game, featuring lots and lots of trains. It comes from Game Insight International, the same people who brought us Big Business and Rock the Vegas. Your job is to connect a pre-existing map of cities and towns with railways, creating several trade routes. It’s a very simple title that doesn’t even give you much freedom or choice, yet it’s still highly addictive. As usual, the more friends you’re able to collect, the more help you’ll receive, and the faster you’ll be able to level up and expand. This is already an extremely popular title for good reason, and fans of these kinds of games should definitely check it out.