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Zenonia 4 tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week saw the release of another addition to the mega popular Korean RPG Zenonia with Zenonia 4. Gamevil has decided to go with a freemium model for this latest sequel and it works quite well for them. Also this week, guide Mick and Ralph through lots of perilous terrain in the creative new auto-run platformer, Tongue Tied!, and look for Zombie Wonderland 2 which was ported to the Android Market with a new free to play price model. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Zenonia 4 (Free)

The Zenonia franchise from Gamevil has become a force to be reckoned with since its initial release, completely dominating the mobile RPG scene. Interesting characters and a tried and true method of gameplay have kept the fans coming back. This latest entry goes freemium without ever making it really necessary to pay, which is fine by me. The plot may be the most convoluted of the series yet, and will likely confuse new players at first, but in the long run, this is the same great Korean role-playing gameplay, with flashy attacks, lots of stats to manipulate and of course, plenty of grinding.

Tongue Tied! ($1.99)

This auto-run platformer is one of the most interesting new releases around. Two hounds, Mick and Ralph, are literally tongue tied. As they run through the environment, it’s up to you to keep them safe by grabbing one and launching them through the levels like a sling shot thanks to their elastic tongues. There are plenty of ways these unique physics are put to use as you collect bone tokens and swing around to avoid danger. With 60 levels to master and over 30 unique challenges to tackle, you’ll have plenty to do in this inventive title.

Zombie Wonderland 2 (Free)

This game sees the return of Chuck, the zombie-slaying hero crossed with a house cleaning janitor, also known as a Zombie Cleaner. It’s his job to defend the various establishments around town from the undead horde, and more importantly, to keep the house clean of zombie goo as he does it. Chuck must team up with the kooky museum curator to time travel and collect various important artifacts, all to create the ultimate zombie killing weapon. You’ll get to visit ancient Egypt, Viking Scandinavia, medieval Transylvania, and even feudal Japan in this fun game. Unfortunately, the new free model comes with lots of glitches and some extremely intrusive advertisements.


PAC-CHOMP! Is the latest Pac-Man-related release from Namco Bandai. The lovable yellow flapping circle that we’ve all grown to know and love through these last few decades is now occupying a rather innovative match-three puzzler. Match the various ghosts with their similarly colored brethren, and collect plenty of Pac-Man inspired power-ups that really make this match-three stand out from the crowd. This is a free sample of a paid full version, and apparently purchasing that full version is rather buggy at the moment, but stick around for a fix if you want access to this excellent title.

Magic Portals ($0.99)

Magic Portals is a new side scrolling puzzle platformer from Asantee. There is no jumping in this platformer though. Instead, you must create various portals to get around and to solve puzzles. You can teleport just about anything in the environment, from large boxes to massive boulders, and even enemies themselves. Using these mechanics in conjunction with the in-game physics, you have to find your way through this unique fantasy setting with great lighting effects. Over 60 levels are currently available with more promised in future updates.