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Cool Android games for the penguin lover

by Larry Sullivan

My youngest son loves penguins. He has stuffed penguins, penguin pajamas, penguin blankets and more. So when there is a new Android penguin-related game released, we usually give it a try. If you search “penguin games” in the Market you will get a ton listed but a lot of those are not worth your time. So with Nick’s help, here are the ones we think are worth a look.

Air Penguin (Free)

The little penguin’s family is in trouble. You need to help save them from the melting ice caps. In the story mode, you need to guide your penguin through 125 stages to help save the family. To move and steer the little guy, you tilt your device the direction you want to go. As you land on an ice cap, they crack, so you can’t land on them multiple times. If you fall in the water, you have to start over.

This game’s great graphics, sound and story make it a winner. As you move, you can collect fish, which can be then turned in for extras. There is also the ability to purchase fish.

In survival mode, guide the penguin through the timed course and survive as long as you can. There is a leader board to see how your compare to others and the ads do no distract at all. Air Penguin is easy to learn, pick up and play any time, and provides plenty of gameplay. We are still working on saving the family!

Penguin Palooza ($0.99)

The penguins are marching to the ancient spawning grounds. You need to help the jumping/diving penguins make it across the ravine. To do this, you can draw a trampoline for them to bounce on. Only three trampolines (which are destroyed after one bounce) are allowed at a time and the penguins cannot hit the water.

This game can be very busy! You need to keep up with the bouncing penguins, try to eat the fish, make sure some reach the cave and make sure none hit the water. The fun and frustrating part of the game is trying to figure out the best placement and angle of the trampolines. Rarely will I get it correct the first time.

Palooza mode is basically free play and really a challenge. There are also 36 challenges or levels, where you need to fulfill the goal to move on. These have been a bit easier to complete. The graphics and sound is top notch. What is a palooza anyway? All I know is that there are tons of bouncing penguins.

Puzzling Penguins (Free)

This is a very simple, yet challenging puzzle game where your job is to guide the little penguin to the hole in the ice. The graphics and sound are very basic. There are popup ads too but you can skip them. Why have so many tried this game?

The difficulty and the draw of the game is that you can only move the penguin and/or ice blocks, vertically and horizontally. Also they keep moving until they hit something! I am glad this is not a timed game. To get the penguin in the hole, there needs to be something behind the hole to stop him. So you have to figure out the proper moves to get the block in place and then how to get the penguin in the hole. This is no easy task.

This free game comes with 80 levels, which get harder as you go along. I am nowhere near finishing this game; I cannot imagine what level 80 is like! If you want a great thinking game, this is for you. Do not let the cute penguin fool you.

Ice Penguin 3D (Free)

If you like curling, you will like this game. In Ice Penguin 3D, you have to “curl” your little penguin down the board and try to knock the other animals out of the way so you end up with the most points. You can set the power or speed of your curl and by tilting the device you can steer the penguin. Do not worry; there is a practice area so you can work on your skills.

The graphics and game interface are nicely done. The gameplay can get a bit repetitive but there is always room to improve your score. As the penguin moves down the board, you will want to collect the pin so you can purchase such items as bombs, magnets and so on to improve your results. The full version is $1.72 and unlocks the survival mode. The game is currently three levels and 60 stages, and has OpenFeint leader boards. The challenge is trying to figure out how much speed to curl your penguin to land on a high-point area. If you do not beat your opponent’s high score you don’t move on. Overall, it is a cute game but I am not very good at curling so have not gotten far.

Penguin Snowcap Challenge Lite (Free)

This is a relatively new game on the market. It has a simple premise: race your penguin down the hill to victory. To steer your penguin simply tilt your device. As you race, try and catch the fish for extra points and speed, avoid obstacles, and your opponent.

The sound and graphics are pretty good. I found the tilt sensitivity OK, but it could be more responsive. You cannot control your speed so maneuvering to catch fish can be difficult. The free version comes with three levels which I won rather quickly. For $0.99 you can unlock the pro version that has 16 levels and elephant seals too. The races do not take a long time, so this game provides a quick racing fix any time you want one.

Overall, all of these penguin games provide plenty of fun and family-friendly entertainment. Which should you choose? It all depends on what you enjoy: racing, curling, puzzles, physics-based challenges, timed challenges, tons of levels. Bet you did not know penguins could be so busy!