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Triple Town leads Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week, Steambirds developer Spry Fox released a new casual puzzle game in Triple Town, which has been gaining a lot of buzz. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 saw an official Android release. Great Little War Game received its first standalone expansion in GLWG: All Out War. Hopefully it can tide the fans over until Rubicon Development finishes their sequel. All of that and more in this week’s top Android games.

Triple Town (free)

Spry Fox are no strangers to making extremely addictive and innovative titles that impact the entire mobile gaming scene. Such is the case with their hit Steambirds, and as I predict will be the case with Triple Town, a new freemium casual game that mixes genres to create something new. It’s up to you to place pieces on a six-by-six board. As duplicate pieces are placed in clumps of three or more, they combine to create more valuable pieces. Your goal is to get as much value as possible before the board is filled, all while working around the irritating bears that stand in your way. Definitely give this one a look.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 ($3.99)

If you have yet to play the first episode of Sega’s attempt to capture the magic of the Genesis Sonic games, then now is your chance. The mobile version of this game is not perfect, and it has many compatibility issues, but hopefully those wrinkles will be ironed out over time, exposing the beautiful picture that lies underneath. It’s a very strange mix of Sonic game tropes, and has received extremely mixed responses since its release. All in all, I’d say it’s a well-designed game that attempts to mix gameplay elements of the past and present in retro-inspired levels fueled by nostalgia to create something interesting.

GLWG: All Out War (1.99)

Great Little War Game made a big splash on the Android Market since it was originally ported, sitting happily at a rather high spot in the charts. GLWG: All Out War is a very stripped down expansion to the original, featuring two all-new campaigns. It’s definitely not a sequel or a replacement for the original, and if you buy this game having not played the original, your perception of the series will likely be far off. For hardcore fans of the first who can’t get enough, definitely pick this one up to keep yourself busy as Rubicon works on the highly anticipated sequel!

Devils at the Gate (free)

Devils at the Gate is an all new Tower Defense from FeelingTouch inc. It combines 2-D art with 3-D graphics to create a colorful and amusing cartoon world. Towers are soldiers that are placed on pre-set positions along the enemies’ path, and there are plenty of fun towers, enemies, special powers and upgrades to enjoy. I’ve never seen a tower defense game played from this unique perspective, and there is a lot of innovation going on here. If you’ve been looking for a tower defense game that isn’t just more of the same, then you’ve found it with this free title.

Super Bit Dash (free)

Super Bit Dash from developers Fakepup combines endless runners with old school 8-bit aesthetics to create something rather fresh. Regardless of which of the several modes you choose to play in, you’ll face a series of randomly generated rooms. Tapping the screen makes you jump, while swiping in various directions makes you use your power to dash, breaking through obstacles or getting extra height. Dashing costs coins however, which much be constantly replaced. The game gets a bit repetitive and predictable, but it’s an innovative new platformer that tries something new, plus it’s totally free.

RAIDEN-Sky Force Ace (free)

Raiden-Sky Force Ace is a new scrolling shooter in a science fiction setting. The game makes use of gorgeous Super Nintendo style pixel art to create its characters and world, and there is even a rather generic yet appropriate story thrown in the mix. The touch controls could use a little polish, and the game is rather clunky, but it’s a great throwback to the scrolling shooters of the past. Save up and purchase various upgrades to take on the enemy forces all the better in this simple, nostalgia-driven free title.