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Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots tops Android Games of the Week

by Andrew Koziara

This week, Halfbrick’s massively popular movie tie-in Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots has gained some popularity, which makes sense considering it’s Fruit Ninja. Kairosoft continues to tell us their story through their latest and greatest simulation release, Mega Mall Story. Also, SoulCraft THD, an open beta for an epic action RPG of biblical proportions was released. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots (Free)

Topping us off this week is the Android port of Halfbrick’s fantastic franchise spin-off, Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots. The movie may well be long out of theatres, but this game is still well worth anyone’s time and money. While it’s a much more bare bones entry in the series, featuring only two modes and no online multiplayer, what is there is done very well. Whether you play in the remixed classic Desperado mode, or face a gauntlet of challenges in the unique new Bandito mode, you’re sure to have a blast. Hearing Antonio Banderas’ wonderful voice throughout the game is just the icing on the cake.

Mega Mall Story ($4.99)

You can always count on Kairosoft to bring you a charming simulation with gorgeous and colorful pixel art graphics. It’s up to you to design an amazing mega mall to rival even the Mall of America. Customize and add anything you want, from restaurants to fast food joints to a wide variety of retail shops, and keep them all connected with escalators and elevators. While this is a quality title just as every other game in this franchise, this may be one of the shortest “Story” games yet. It’s not as comprehensive as some other titles, but it’s still an extremely fun and addictive sim.

SoulCraft THD (Free)

Fight for the very souls of mankind in this epic action RPG, completely for free. Travel across the world and fight in a variety of real-world locations, from Venice and Rome to Hamburg, and eventually New York and Tokyo. Play as an Angel, and eventually a Demon or even human with a diverse selection of weapons and spells. This game is in open beta, and extremely rough around the edges. It may be riddled with demonic bugs and glitches, but it looks great, and it has massive potential. Give it a whirl, and definitely keep your eye out for the official release.

Tiny Comet ($0.99)

Tiny Comet is the latest release from developer CatfishBlues Games, the same studio that brought us Hyperlight HD. This is a tilt controls only game, which I’m not really a fan of, but if there’s one studio I trust to make a tilt game that doesn’t infuriate me, it’s this one. You play as an adorable little comet that’s been separated from its family, and you’ve got to search the cosmos for them. Collect the many suns to keep your energy up, pick up the power-ups and avoid the angry birds in this gorgeous game. The layered 2-D backgrounds are absolutely beautiful, and the screenshots don’t really do this game justice.

Majesty: Northern Expansion ($2.99)

This game is advertised as an expansion to Majesty: Fantasy Kingdoms, but have no fear. It’s really just a standalone game built in the same engine, but with improved graphics, added abilities, and plenty of new heroes and monsters. Train troops from your castle, get the lay of the land, slay various enemies, and expand your kingdom ever farther in this simple strategy title. The not often seen “indirect control” kind of strategy can make your brain hurt a bit, but that’s all part of the fun.

Grabatron ($1.96)

Sure to be a favorite of destructive young boys the world over, Grabatron is a fast paced action arcade game that’s packed with explosions and mayhem. You play as the Grabatron, an alien ship with a massive retractable claw that can grab just about anything, from cows to semi-trucks to tanks. Plow through level after level and create combo chains of carnage as you destroy everything in sight. It’s not a perfect game. Upgrades cost real money and it’s quite buggy on numerous devices, but when it works, it’s a fine example of extra-terrestrial gaming excellence.

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