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Cannon Legend tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

This week, Cannon Legend puts a fresh, first-person spin on the defense-style game, while Tiki Kart 3D reached rapid popularity. An early CES surprise from Qualcomm brought Snapdragon GameCommand to the Android Market. The app connects high-end gadgets with Snapdragon-ready games for a premier gaming portal. Here are this week’s top Android games.

Cannon Legend (Free)

Cannon Legend joins the Android Market at the height of the defense-style game trend, putting the game in first person for a fresh perspective. Blast away at oncoming enemies, consisting of monsters and other magical creatures. With a fantasy theme, Cannon Legend features three unique worlds, talent-based upgrades and perks to unlock. You can earn survival modes for each completed mission for unlimited gaming. Note that tilt controls may be the easier option for gameplay, as the touch controls can get wonky.

Tiki Kart 3D (Free)

What’s it like to race in a fiery volcano? You’ll find out in Tiki Kart 3D. In fact, these kooky Tiki idols will race in just about anything, from fruit to wooden logs. Help them navigate the unexpected twists and turns in this 3D driving game, earning power-ups for extra time and boosting speed on every launching pad you come across. You also have a few tricks at your disposal, dropping oil slicks, tar or explosives to put more space between you and rival racers.

Snapdragon GameCommand (Free)

Qualcomm’s GameCommand app for Snapdragon Android devices wasn’t expected to hit the Market until the start of CES on Jan. 10th, but gamers were given an early surprise this weekend. Similar to NVIDIA’s Tegra Zone, Snapdragon GameCommand targets gamers with Snapdragon chips in their Android devices. The app will include exclusive titles like Southern Interactive’s Desert Winds, and features several free titles for your high-end gadget. View game screenshots, trailers and organize your favorites.

Quell Reflect ($1.55)

FallenTreeGames gained a fair share of attention with their first Quell title, an Android brain teaser known for its well crafted puzzles. Quell Reflect offers a new challenge, with dozens of levels, zen-like new art styles and a soundtrack to match. In each puzzle you slide a droplet around a maze of obstacles, traps and pathways until you collect all the pearls. While the puzzles get more complex with each level, the idea is to relax your senses and free your mind by concentrating on a soothing brain teaser.

Fruits&Fun (Free)

There’s plenty of fruit-slashing games out there, so how about a gentler game? Fruits&Fun is a matching game where you line fruits up based on their color. Save the fruit from the basket by matching them up in groups of three. Move them around by dragging up, down or sideways. The longer your string of matches, the bigger your reward. Things get tricky when fruits begin to vary in size, or rows get locked up. But you’ll get bonuses for each level completed, which is always key with these sorts of games. Scoreloop integration gives you a ready leaderboard for posting achievements.

Kapow (Free)

Fly with friends in this multiplayer adventure. The game is simple enough: fly through the air collecting as many coins, candy canes, bells and other bonus items as you can. The fun of the game is that you get to team up with friends, doubling your points earned. And getting a team together is as easy as selecting a contact from your Android phone book. With the points your team has earned, you can buy objects for your characters to add some visual interest to your next journey.