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RPG Grinsia tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Retro-style RPG Grinsia has left its mark on the Android Market, in a rather involved game with plenty of details to keep things dynamic. Lair Defense shot straight to the top of the charts this week, the latest title from DroidHen. Gameloft’s version of Spielberg’s latest movie The Adventures of Tintin has also gained popularity this week, while Crazy Bricks 3D Lite puts a new spin on a traditional mobile game.

RPG Grinsia ($3.99)

After a few weeks of anticipation, RPG Grinsia finally made its debut on the Android Market, with retro-style details like characters showing their reactions to events in the game. You’ll find different reactions from different creatures, varying between day and night, amongst other things. The range of characters isn’t all there is to Grinsia, as your game controls are customizable for touch or cursor pads, and the Treasure Accessory System lets you grow special powers to use in battle. It’s a detailed game that keeps things interesting, as you strengthen your warriors and learn from the many quests you’ll encounter across this storyline.

Lair Defense (Free)

Once upon a time, the peaceful coexistence of humans and dragons was interrupted by a power-hungry king that decided dragon eggs were the key to immortality. This tower defense-style game teams you with the dragons in their quest to protect the lair at all costs. There’s a slew of dragons to choose from, each with special powers like ice to freeze invaders or fire to burn them to a crisp. Position your dragons to get rid of the humans, upgrade posts and be ready for the next attack. Keep your skills tight, as some enemy humans know magic.

The Adventures of Tintin HD ($0.99)

The movie tie-in for Speilberg’s latest creation, Gameloft has released The Adventures of Tintin HD on the Android Market for comic book fans and gamers alike. It’s a surprisingly pleasing adventure considering it’s a “movie” game, with an interesting storyline that combines the plot with a series of puzzles. Collect coins along the way, which can be used to buy more puzzles to earn more points. Gameloft’s also done well with the graphics, which are in line with the movie style.

Crazy Bricks 3D Lite (Free)

Brick-breaking games seem particularly suited for mobile devices, and this 3D version takes things to the max. Crazy Bricks 3D Lite is laced with ninjas, guns and rockets, just to shake things up. Things start out simple enough, with the familiar paddle used to bounce the ball upwards to knock down various objects. But as you progress through the game there’s more fun to be had with fire bullets that will take out much more than one brick at a time.

Backgammon - Narde (Free)

Narde is like backgammon, but with a different set of rules and the playing pieces begin in different positions. With the same board as any other backgammon game, this new twist can be a fun challenge for board game lovers. There’s support for full-screen playing mode, which is great for tablet users. You can play against the AI, another gamer on the same device or an online player. And don’t worry about learning this new version of backgammon, as Narde includes hints to help you get started.

SummitX Snowboarding (Free)

Another sports title from Com2uS, SummitX Snowboarding is a timely game for the winter season. SummitX features HD graphics, so the breeze as you carve down the mountainside almost feels real. You’ll have to go big to win, so practice the best tricks in order to gain bonus points for each run. You can redeem these points for unlocking more tricks, getting new boards and designs. There’s over 35 runs on six mountains, and a handful of customizable boards. The full version will cost you $4.99, though the game is free to download.