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Dead Space tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

What a knockout week for Android gaming. The past few days brought a few major launches from EA, Rockstar and Sega. EA released Dead Space and Plants vs. Zombies (via PopCap) to the Android Market, titles that were initially exclusive to the Xperia PLAY and Amazon Appstore. They threw in a bonus with Monopoly, too. Grand Theft Auto III is now a mobile game, boosting its cache for the small screen. SEGA is also swooning for Android, pushing out Sonic CD as its latest mobile conversion, while Microsoft’s taking a similar approach to preservation with a mobile companion for Halo.

Dead Space ($6.99)

First launched as an Xperia PLAY exclusive, EA’s Dead Space has made its way to the Android Market. Support was added for a select few Android devices with a mobile version of the popular console title. The third-person sci-fi shooter retains great graphics and other aspects of the console experience, and has included a few mobile exclusives, such as weapons and modules. Battle your way through this seemingly abandoned space ship, following a well-integrated survival horror storyline. There doesn’t appear to be much Android tablet support yet, but hopefully EA will continue with its device expansion.

Grand Theft Auto III ($4.99)

Rockstar’s third installment of the popular Grand Theft Auto series has been ported to the Android Market, with a touch-controlled driving game full of drama and excitement. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the influential game, Grand Theft Auto III takes you to Liberty City as you rise through the ranks of the underworld. Steal cars, escape cops and deal with gang leaders in your quest to survive. Rockstar’s putting a few of its top titles into mobile form, though GTA III is the first Android Market launch for the publisher.

Sonic CD ($1.99)

Sonic CD for Android wasn’t expected until 2012, but SEGA surprised us all with an Android Market release of a nostalgic classic. Follow our favorite hedgehog to Never Lake to see Little Planet, an unearthly world powered by Time Stones. Stop Dr. Eggman in his quest to control time, zipping through a variety of familiar environments collecting coins and landing jumps. To update Sonic for today’s mobile world, SEGA added leaderboards and achievements.

Plants vs. Zombies ($2.99)

PopCap (now part of EA) first turned to the Amazon Appstore with its first Android game launch for top titles Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle. Now they’re even easier to access in the Android Market, which really grows PopCap’s global reach. Plants vs. Zombies has dozens of levels in Adventure Mode in which you must grow a garden of dangerous veggies to defend against a mob of zombies. Every plant has a strength to defeat the 26 types of zombies. The more you take down, the more coins you earn to put towards purchases and power-ups.

Monopoly ($4.99)

This beloved board game has found its way to the Android Market with an official version for mobile devices. Monopoly has bright, animated gameplay with multiplayer support. There’s three levels of difficulty to keep things challenging, and an option to save your game when things get long and drawn out. Everyone has their own way to play Monopoly, and such game customization is reflected in the mobile version. Set your own rules, number of players and the game environment.

Halo Waypoint (Free)

If you’re serious about your Halo play, this companion app is a must-have. Halo Waypoint helps you manage your career progress, complete with Halo: Reach stats, game history, your entire team’s campaign progress, and the full breakdown of your weapon and enemy stats. The idea is to use the app during Halo battles for viewing multiplayer and firefight maps in real time, and scouting locations for weapons and vehicles. You can also start a custom challenge right from the app, inviting friends to join along. As with SEGA and EA, Microsoft is taking advantage of the Android Market for their mobile game strategy.