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Fresh Android Apps for Dec. 16: Frontline Commando, GTA III, Sonic CD, MiLocker

by Ian Black

Only a few shopping days left before the holidays. Maybe give some fresh Android apps as gifts, although, without a gift card feature in the Android Market you might just have to hand out cash to pull this off. Check out Frontline Commando, Grand Theft Auto III, and Sonic CD and tie a bow around the Android device of a family member or friend.

Want to highlight the fact that your phone isn’t an iPhone? Change the unlock screen with MiLocker.

Frontline Commando (Free)

A soldier’s last mission on the front lines turns ugly and everyone in the team, other than him, dies. Then, he finds it was a setup from the beginning and this makes him really, really upset! The person that set him up made only one mistake – leaving the soldier alive.

Infiltrate a desolate military outpost and take on a whole regiment of mercenaries single-handedly until every last one of them is toast. Fire rifles, shotguns, and rocket propelled grenade launchers at the soldiers and helicopters. Expect stunning graphics and sweet revenge.

Grand Theft Auto III ($4.99)

The bad boy of games arrives fresh in the Android Market. Take a Sunday stroll through the “dark and seedy underworld” of Liberty City. And, by “stroll” I mean a long and serendipitous sojourn through a completely rendered vice-ridden metropolis.

Navigate the twist and turns, crosses and double-crosses, of the game’s plot which begins with our hero being rescued, by good Samaritan thugs, from a police transport after being arrested in an armed robbery. This is the only game I can remember that earned the “high maturity” rating in the Android Market.

Sonic CD ($1.99)

In this port of a classic, the normally frantic hedgehog has all the time in the world. But, only because his arch-nemesis Dr. Eggman has trapped the mysterious Little Planet – where the past, present, and future collide – under a metallic shell in order to steal the powerful Time Stones. Sonic must travel through time to the recover the missing stones and foil Dr. Eggman’s plan to control time itself.

Look for a global leaderboard, US and Japanese soundtracks, and the most evil big boss of them all – Metal Sonic.

MiLocker (Free)

Frrrreeeeeeddoooommmmm! Don’t let your phone maker decide what type of unlock screen you get. Make your own. This app provides a gallery of wallpaper and lock choices to personalize the entryway to your Android device.

Choose from sci-fi metallic to artsy risqué. Pick vertical slide, horizontal slide, multipoint touch, or animation maneuver. Cutting-edge designers vie to have their work included in this app. Android root access used to be required for this customization feature but no longer.