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Colosseum Heroes tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Another hit title from Gamevil, Colosseum Heroes features the same style of monster hack-and-slash as the original. Vector Unit brings back the days of moonshine racing with Shine Runner, reliving the thrills of prohibition. OnLive was also the talk of the town this week, with an Android app that takes the popular cloud game service into the mobile realm. It’s all about anytime access with this week’s top Android games.

Colosseum Heroes (Free)

A great sequel to the original Colosseum, Gamevil’s new title is a slasher that’s even scarier than its predecessor. Choose your gladiator and it’s off to battle in the Colosseum, fighting round after round to earn cash and fame. Make enough money and you can upgrade your gear. Better protection and weapons means you can take on stronger opponents, and more of them at once. You can also use spells to disarm your enemies, learning the best magic the higher you are in rank. Colosseum Heroes features a new challenge mode for added excitement, and you can still do well in this game without shelling out for premium shop items.

Shine Runner ($1.99)

You’re a moonshine runner delivering the goods through waterways instead of highways. Equipped with a flat-bottomed fanboat, you race through docks to get your moonshine to its final destination, jumping ramps, smashing sheds and skirting ‘gators. It’s a destructive race as you try to escape the police, and catch coins for extra points. Drive your boat with tilt and touch controls. Shine runner also features OpenFeint support so you can share your smuggling skills with the world.

OnLive (Free)

Online gaming catalog OnLive has gone mobile, releasing apps for Android smartphones and tablets. What makes OnLive’s launch even more significant is the wireless controller, accompanying mobile gameplay to better recreate the console experience. While the OnLive game app is free to download, the wireless controller is just under $50 (though existing members should get a 30 percent discount). Over 20 titles in OnLive’s game network will work with the wireless controller.

Tiny Village (Free)

The latest from TinyCo, Tiny Village hit the Android Market with a bit of fanfare this week. Set in prehistoric times, it’s up to you to build up a thriving village. Harvest food, build homes and set up places of business. You can send villagers to work different jobs, and leverage each part of the village towards sustainability by crafting tools, clothes, candy and more. Tiny Village is a social game that’s full of bright colors, with simple layouts and adorable characters. As is the case with most similar “management” games, the download is free but prompt upgrades will cost you a pretty (virtual) penny.

Tank Riders ($1.99)

Polarbit’s been hinting at this game for months, offering little more than screenshots to whet our appetites. Tank Riders finally hit the Android Market with a 3D action game that sends you straight to the battle fields. Fight your enemy on maze-like maps, armed with a variety of weapons to obliterate the other side. There’s cannons, missiles and mortars to name a few. Land a trick shot by bouncing bullets of a wall to hit an enemy tank waiting around the corner. Watch out though, your enemies can do the same to you. Tank Riders is a multiplayer game so you can download more maps and battle other players.

Where’s My Water ($0.99)

Another fun title from Disney, Where’s My Water is a creative and challenging puzzle for kids of all ages. This Android game begins with Swampy the Alligator, and he loves to take baths. Keep his nemesis from destroying Swampy’s bath time by setting traps and fixing things. You’ll have to dig trenches, knock out plugs and keep the water flowing. Each puzzle is a thoughtful challenge, with some rich details to keep things interesting. For instance, you’ll have to keep Swampy safe from things like toxic waste that will burn him if its gets into the pipes. You’ll also encounter a few bonuses along the way, like a rubber duckie that dances when he hits the water.