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Where’s My Water soaks up the fun on Android

by Ian Black

Don’t hate the mouse because he’s beautiful and smart! Where’s My Water is the latest mobile game from the multinational mega-corp Disney, and whether or not you prefer apps from indie garages, there’s no denying that it’s a great game. I’m in hot water with my editor for turning this review in late because I just couldn’t stop playing it.

Swampy the alligator stars in this physics puzzler as a creature that loves to bathe. A villain gator, whose name I never learned, aims to foil the cleanliness by busting the pipes that deliver the water and setting traps for anyone trying to fix things. You must swipe your finger to dig trenches through dirt, knock out plugs, spring traps and repair the plumbing.

The puzzles are creative, challenging and addictive. The initial levels start simply enough, only requiring a couple of finger swipes, but the difficulty increases at a nice pace, and the later levels require real thought, forcing you to swipe with crackerjack timing using clever solutions. The game features rich details including bubbling toxic waste that burns Swampy if it gets into the pipes, rubber duck bonuses that animate when touched by water, plants that grow and block pipes and the evil gator deep in the sewers that you can scroll down and see laughing on every level.

It’s well worth the 99 cents to buy, appropriate for all ages, and should be a huge hit.