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World of Goo tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

World of Goo took the Android Market by storm this week, launching after weeks of anticipation. The hit indie game from 2D Boy delivers the land of Goo Balls, industrious creatures ready to explore. Extreme Road Trip was another runaway success, offering car stunts on the open road. Zen Pinball for Tegra devices is a realistic game with noteworthy graphics, reminding us of why high-end devices and games go so well together.

World of Goo ($4.99)

World of Goo is a delightful title with plenty of imagination. It centers around Goo Balls and their insatiable desire to explore the world around them. Test your survival skills as you build them structures with items found in your environment, getting the Goo Balls safely through each stage. This Android game is a massive online competition, as players compete to create the tallest towers of goo.

Extreme Road Trip (Free)

This runaway car has a stuck gas pedal and an air of rebelliousness. But how far can you get on a limited gas reserve? Run stunts with your car to gain a nitro boost, which conserves your gas usage. The better your stunts, the bigger your nitro boosts. Get as far as you can doing flips, wheelies and aerial stunts, all ending gloriously should you crash. There’s nine unique cars to drive across four locations, tilting your Android device to control your car’s every move. Crazy stunts will get you extra points, and depending on which car you picked, you’ll get different results.

Zen Pinball THD (Free)

Designed to leverage the power of Tegra-based Android devices, Zen Pinball THD goes for realism with ball physics and action. The graphics in this game are worthy of any pinball junkie. There’s an in-app shop for purchasing new tables. The Sorcerer’s Lair table comes free and there's Marvel-branded tables like Wolverine and Fantastic Four. Expect regular pinball table updates in this dynamic collection of challenging tables, delivering a detailed video game with great appeal.

Top Girl (Amazon Appstore — Free)

Top Girl is virtual goods central, bringing a female-focused role-playing game where your avatar is climbing her way up the fashion social ladder. Get the best fits with money earned from modeling jobs and making appearances. But there’s a real cost behind this fashionista marathon: expect to shell out actual dollars to skyrocket your status. Taking advantage of the fresh Kindle Fire tablet market, Top Girl maker Crowdstar initially launched the game exclusively for Amazon’s newest device, with an Android Market release in a couple of weeks.

Race of Champions (Free)

There’s a new racing game from Invictus called Race of Champions. It’s the official app of a real-life tournament to let loose your inner speed demon. Take on a series of head-to-head races with matched cars on a parallel track, doing what it takes to become the champion. There’s several real tracks represented in this game, with an eye for detailed visuals from the garage to the cars themselves. There’s a few modes to choose from, if it’s a duel your after or just a timed race.

Plumber (Free)

Plumber offers a brain teaser with a series of puzzles where you must arrange a room full of pipes to form a continuous path for the tap. Fix the pipe, connect the pieces and turn the water on. You rotate each pipe by tapping on it, connecting adjacent pipes that twist and turn in a confusing array of metal. Will the water flow to the other side of the room, get stuck in a loop, or find a leak? It’s a tricky task you’ll have to resolve with just over two dozen rounds to test your plumbing skills.