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Toy Village tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Android gamers get in the holiday spirit with Toy Village, a game that puts you in charge of an entire town to help rebuild a new place for lost toys. Snappy Dragons brings another alternative to Angry Birds lovers, with a world of powerful wizards and fire-breathers. Sega is also expanding its Android footprint with the launch of ChuChu Rocket, its second game in recent weeks to hit the Market.

Toy Village (Free)

When you think of the holidays, you often think toys. And while there’s no Santa or elves in Toy Village, it is a game about a place where lost toys can thrive. After Smalltown was hit by a storm, the Puppy Patch sets out to build a new locale. Create a new Toy Village with homes, restaurants, spas, shops, entertainment and farms. The more you build, the more toys you can unlock, so there’s plenty of incentives to keep your town happy and bustling.

Snappy Dragons (Free)

Similar to Angry Birds, Snappy Dragons is a challenging game of puzzles where you use a bit of physics and lots of luck to work your way though each level. Shoot fireballs through maze-like puzzles to burn floating red wizards to a crisp, but don’t hurt the little ones. It’s up to you to rescue these kidnapped baby dragons, loading plenty of action for you finger-flinging gamers.

ChuChu Rocket! ($0.99)

Sega’s second title on Android, ChuChu Rocket is a mobile version of the popular puzzler from the days of Dreamcast. It looks like Sega’s getting serious about its Android push, following the early cues of Sony, which has an expansive mobile initiative that continues to grow. ChuChu Rocket’s an exciting game that sounds easy but is actually pretty challenging once you get into it. Guide your mouse-like creatures into their matching colored rockets before they’re destroyed, with a concept similar to Lemmings. There’s hundreds of levels to scale, each with its own set of obstacles keeping you from getting your ChuChus to safety. Can you get them all to their respective ships?

Extreme Evasion (Free)

Extreme Evasion is a space game where you steer your galactic ship by tilting your phone. Sail through 3D space with what the app developer TOAST call “precision plane control,” and keep your fuel levels high by gobbling up plasma globes. Watch out for enemy ships that are out to get you, avoiding swarms of UFOs determined to take you down. While many similar games have a retro style, Extreme Evasion glows with soft colors, cool graphics and fluid gameplay.

Fishing Diary (Free)

Fishing games were fairly popular in the early days of the Android Market, and Fishing Diary brings another version to check out. Start by catching fish with just the tap of your finger, but reel in bigger fish with a few nifty tricks. You can drop slices of bread to entice fish into small feeding groups, or throw in some explosives to blow them all out of the water. Things get even more interesting once you start looking for treasure—if you come across a mermaid, she’ll tell you where to find the booty.

Angry Piggy (Adventure) (Free)

Angry Piggy is a physics puzzle game that will require a bit of concentration from you. In a land where an evil creature has swept all the color away with a terrifying windstorm, it’s up to you to get all the animals to cooperate and bring back all the colors of the rainbow. This free Android game is a side-scroller with kid-friendly play. Already popular on iOS, Angry Piggy has two game modes and plenty of achievements to incentivize extended gameplay.