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Android gaming helps Rovio surpass Zynga, gains global appeal

by Kristen Nicole

The Android platform has been quite a boon for mobile game developers. Rovio has become the poster child for mobile gaming, surpassing Zynga as far as daily active users go. While Zynga remains top dog amongst Facebook’s social gaming platform, mobile is where the good stuff is. Even with 11.1 million daily active users across Android and iOS, Zynga can’t hold a candle to Rovio’s 30 million daily active users, according to a recent study by Inside Mobile.

The mobile frontier has become an important land of opportunity for the gaming industry at large, making devices like the Android-powered Kindle Fire tablet more appealing. There’s a global push to make mobile games more accessible, and Square Enix revealed its plans to launch an Android store for their titles. The store will debut in Japan, loaded with its popular games Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest Monsters Most Wanted, Chaos Ring and Crystal Defenders. News of the pending store launch comes shortly after Google announced its plans to make its official Android Market available in more Asian countries, namely China.

Holiday changes to Android gaming

As mobile gaming becomes more prevalent, however, the market attracts the attention of regulators out to standardize the experience. The CTIA Wireless Trade Association released a statement yesterday noting their partnership with the Entertainment Software Rating Board in order to begin rating mobile apps. The new system debuts in Washington, D.C. on Nov. 29. Few other details were given on the new ratings system, but the hope is that it could actually benefit Android’s rather broad marketplace. What remains uncertain is how the ESRB will execute its ratings system. Will developers have to re-submit apps? And how will parents ultimately control rated purchases?

On the flip side, this holiday season brings some cheer to the mobile gaming world. G5 Entertainment is having a Black Friday sale for several of its titles, dropping prices as low as 69 cents for some games. The development team behind many of the popular “Mania” time-management games, G5 is known to offer seasonal discounts. Meanwhile, the developers behind popular MMORPG, Parallel Kingdom, are getting directly involved in this weekend’s holiday traditions, encouraging players to purchase two special edition hats for an in-game fund raiser to help actual families in need this Thanksgiving. Donations will go to HELP USA, a program that provides Thanksgiving meals to kids and families across the nation.