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The Game of Life tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

It’s been a busy week for leading game developers, some looking to relive the glory of console days, others emphasizing their mobile prowess. EA’s building out its Android game catalog with another classic, The Game of Life. SEGA is also seeking mobile opportunities on the Android platform with the launch of Fallen Realms, a new RPG, and Glu Mobile tops things off with Blood & Glory.

The Game of Life ($4.99)

The Game of Life is a favorite childhood board game for many, and it’s the latest brought to life in the mobile world. EA’s installed some fun graphics in the Android version, navigating you through winding roads and landscapes. Every decision you make has its consequences, for better or worse. Earn and lose money, excel in academia or your career as you slowly fill up your car with a spouse and little ones. Life is multiplayer, supporting up to three players on one device. The downside is that there’s no online multiplayer features yet.

Fallen Realms Beta (Free)

Currently in limited beta, Sega’s made a big move into the Android Market with the refreshed version of Fallen Realms. In partnership with Papaya Mobile, the goal is to unearth seven secret runes that could kill or heal. It’s a Dungeons & Dragons style RPG, with tap-based gameplay to direct your character. The quest and battle system is simple enough, as you wield weapons and magic in the various battles you come across. As part of the Papaya Social Game Network, you can also share your achievements and high scores with friends and other gamers.

Blood & Glory (Free)

Set in the days of the Roman coliseum, Blood & Glory is full of gladiator-style combat that gets pretty physical. Armed with swords, axes, maces and shields, you’re fighting to the death in each battle scene. Swipe and slash your way to victory, fighting a range of characters with their own skill sets and weapons. Learn special attack and combo moves to rise in rank, building your arsenal of swords and such. Battle your way through the entire tournament flawlessly to earn Invictus metals. With HD graphics this Android game looks great on high-end devices.

Good Robot Bad Robot (Free)

This family-friendly game follows the story of Benny, who was repairing broken robots in his garage. When a virus turns the robots bad, Benny must conquer each stage by fixing the robots with a zap. Once fixed, a good robot will help repair the others. It’s a fun adventure that delivers simple gameplay with bright graphics. Control Benny and your game board perspective with slight slides of the finger, giving you a fluid experience for chasing down bad robots.

Defender (Free)

Fend off medieval monsters trying to break into your castle, aiming your archer arrows at each oncoming wave. When arrows aren’t enough, pull out the magic spells, some that bring lightning and fire from the sky. The better you get, the more weapons you’ll receive for your soldiers. Toughen up with more powerful items like flamethrowers and cannons. You can upgrade your castle too, building city walls to reinforce your protection.

World Cruise Story ($4.99)

Another time-management game from Kairosoft, this one is set on a cruise ship. Manage your crew and captain the ship, running the most luxurious liner the world knows. Deck out your floating palace with casinos and hot tubs to attract the high rollers, but you’ll have a time keeping them happy. Travel the world for different customer experiences, spending and earning money at every turn. Can you keep everyone sane, from crew to king? Test your business skills as you find the right balance between upgrading your ship and raking cash from customers to make a true profit.

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