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Atari’s Greatest Hits tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Atari’s Greatest Hits landed in the Android Market this week, with favorites like Asteroids and Star Raiders reeling in an entire new generation of gamers. Gameloft also launched a new version of Assassin's Creed: Revelations, updating one of its most popular titles for the Android Market. Sequels seem to be all the rage, as another top publisher, EA, unveiled SimCity Deluxe for Android, while Big Blue Bubble saw instant success with its follow-up Burn the Rope Worlds game.

Atari’s Greatest Hits (Free)

All week the gaming world has been talking about Atari’s Greatest Hits release for Android, finally bringing the popular iOS game pack to Android users. Spanning three decades of Atari titles, the game pack comes with Missile Command for free, and a catalog with about 100 games to choose from, including Asteroids and Star Raiders. It’s the latest in a growing movement to bring console titles to mobile devices, catching up with nostalgic fans and a fresh generation all the same. Atari’s Android launch is a necessary step for mobile game publishing, joining Sony in a diversification strategy that’s beating rivals like Nintendo to the punch.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations ($2.99)

Gameloft quietly released an update for Assassin’s Creed called Revelations, adding to the story line of the brotherhood. In this version you can play as Ezio and Altair at two different times in Constantinople’s history to uncover more secrets. The sequel brings more enemies and fresh assassination tactics. As with the original game, you can recruit assassin’s and send them on missions to gain experience that will help you later on. As a direct Java port, this update may bother some hardcore gamers, but it’s still a fun update for Assassin’s Creed fans with a price slightly cheaper than its other full titles.

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SimCity Deluxe ($4.99)

While The Sims 3 has been available as an Android game for a couple years now, SimCity Deluxe is only now making its way to mobile. Choose from seven starter cities, which you’ll have to grow into great metropolises. As mayor and city planner, running a successful city is tough businesses. You can plan everything in your city, from shopping centers to the terrain, all optimized for touch control. This lends a little more creativity than the regular Sims game, which more or less plays out a story line with goals rather than encouraging your inner architect. Prepare your city for major sports events, respond to blizzards and heat waves, and keep your citizens happy and productive in this urban adventure.

Burn the Rope Worlds (Free)

An anticipated sequel to Burn the Rope, this new addition to the series delivers new themed levels for you to play. The basics of the game are still there, but Burn the Rope Worlds has four new themed worlds: Jungle, Mechanical, Fantasy and Space. It’s part of developer Big Blue Bubble’s plans to keep things fresh for players, launching daily updates for new levels as well. Burn the Rope Worlds also comes with a new mini-game called Endless Burn, in which you control the flame for as long as you can while collecting bugs. The more you collect, the longer your flame’s tail grows, but if you run into your tail, the game’s over.

INC ($2.75)

The latest side scroller from OrangePixel, the makers of Meganoid and Stardash, INC is a comic book-style game with graphics that look like something you’d find in an ‘80s arcade. Robots and machines have taken over, and it’s up to you to save Dr. Robotus as you run, shoot and leap through a series of obstacles. There’s some 40 stages to beat, with a retro soundtrack (made from ZX Spectrum samples) to help you keep pace. First launched as an exclusive for the Xperia PLAY, INC is now available on the Android Market.

Assaulter (Free)

A game against terrorists, Assaulter is an arcade shooter with plenty of weapons to help you fight back against today’s biggest political enemy. With a series of missions across the globe, you must defeat the enemy with upgradable weapons in order to bring justice to the world. This game is a rather shallow shoot-em-up type, so if you like semi-automatics, shotguns and assault rifles, this game is worth a shot. Take down terrorists on planes, in warehouses and a number of other locations, racking up points as your kill rate increases.