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Android game Elemental crosses Sudoku with Alchemy

by Ian Black

Game mashups deliver some unexpected fun. Elemental crosses Sudoku with Alchemy, and while that might strike you as odd, it works very well, and ends ups being challenging and exciting.

Like the game Alchemy, your “pieces” are the four basic elements of air, earth, fire and water, and you must combine them to create new, natural objects like steam, mud, dust, ice, stone, etc. From Sudoku, this game pulls the rules of no duplicates on the same row or the same column of the puzzle grid. It gets hard pretty quickly, and time pressure only adds to the suspense. In standard mode, the clock keeps ticking upward, pushing you down the OpenFeint leaderboards for fastest time to solve the level. In survival mode, the clock counts down toward zero, and if it gets there, you’re done.

The app provides help in the form of magic spells and definitions. A spell places one element in the correct place on the game board, but can only be used every so often. Definitions let you tap a section of the game board to see a quote related to the object (Dust — “From dust you are and to dust you will return”) and the elements used to create it, but not positions that will solve the puzzle.

The game features stylized graphics, a melodic soundtrack and a general good time. For a 99-cent in-app purchase, you can remove the banner ad at the top of the screen. It’s a fun game, so check it out.

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