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Duke Nukem 3D tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

First person shooters and racing games are staples in the Android Market. Duke Nukem is brought into the 21st century with an Android version, while EA delivers the latest edition from the Need for Speed line: Hot Pursuit. There’s some great battlers that hit the Market this week as well, including Invictus Games’ turn-based strategy game Greed Corp and the cross-platform multiplayer Age of Defenders.

Duke Nukem 3D ($1.00)

First-person shooter Duke Nukem, once popular in the 1990s, just got an Android revival. The Android edition mimics much from the original game, with a variety of guns and explosives. There’s even the return of “The Mighty Foot” when Duke gets to kick things. Save L.A. from alien attack with a tough guy that doesn’t take any mess. It’s a nostalgic experience for old-school gamers, hailing from the glory days of Doom and similar style games.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit ($6.99)

After the successful mobile launch of Need for Speed: Shift, EA’s on a roll with its latest release, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. You’re on the wrong side of the law, escaping cops in a race to the finish. Good thing you’ve got the sexiest of supercars to choose from, like my boyfriend’s favorite, the Pagani Zonda, or even a classic Lamborghini. If you prefer to be the good guy, you can play the cop role, laying out spikes and roadblocks to stop the speedy outlaws dead in their tracks. There’s 20 cars to race and nearly 50 chase events to run, across day and night tracks. Work your way up in rank by clocking-in your top speeds.

Greed Corp HD (Free)

The latest release from Invictus Games is the turn-based strategy game Greed Corp HD. A popular game on consoles and PCs, Greed Corp HD is already making waves in the mobile sphere. Set in a detailed steam punk world, start your campaign against your enemy with a tactical throw. Even as you battle your offenders, you’ll have to leverage your land to fund your war, while also preserving it to remain a sustainable power. There’s four factions to choose from, and a variety of multiplayer options that support up to four gamers. Earn trophies and titles as you climb the leaderboards, playing longer campaigns or mini matches.

Elemental (Free)

A great new puzzler has landed in the Android Market, presenting a mash-up that combines certain aspects of Sudoku and Alchemy. You’re given a segmented board into which you must strategically place the four elements (earth, air, water and fire) to create new objects. But you’ll have to be quick—the game is timed to heighten excitement. There’s countless puzzles to solve in this game, and it can get a lot trickier than you think. There’s OpenFeint integration for the braggarts, and language support for English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Age of Defenders ($2.99)

The latest cross-platform tower defense game to hit the Market, Age of Defenders, is a top-down game that presents the greatest of obstacles with the fewest of resources. In this complex game you have to not only defend your base, but attack your enemies at the same time. It will require some planning and strategy, as you plan for bigger battles against other players. You can play single-mode campaigns as well, testing your will to survive and your desire to conquer. Age of Defenders offers six types of protective towers, and six unit types to take down. This Android game is optimized for tablets, and you can expect new maps, levels and objects in the future.

Zombie’s Fury 2 (Free)

Zombies seem to be everywhere you look, and Zombie’s Fury 2 delivers yet another Android game in the midst of the Halloween season. This title has quite a back-story, dropping you in the middle of a zombie-riddled apocalypse. Armed with only razor-sharp sword, you’ll be slashing your way through this zombie hunter in no time. If you’re one for blood and gore in your zombie games, this free Android game is certainly one to check out. The challenge here is staying alive—the lower your energy, the harder you have to fight. You’ll begin to power-up when you’re not attacking zombies, but don’t dawdle too long. These brain-eating monsters are even harder to fight off once they’ve gotten a hold of you.

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