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Birzzle combines Bejeweled and Angry Birds in a way you’ll either love or hate

by Ian Black

This will be my mother-in-law’s next favorite mobile game. She currently thrives on Bejeweled and all of its illegitimate offspring. She tells me the hyper-focus required to create jewel matches is better than Bikram yoga for reducing stress. So, when you add elements of the mega-hit Angry Birds the way Birzzle does, I don’t think she’ll be able to resist the addiction.

The game sports two main modes — classic and stack. Classic mostly resembles Bejeweled where you drag and drop to make matches of three or more. When you do, they’ll disappear and get you a little closer to your goal of clearing the screen. The Angry Birds element comes from the matches themselves. Instead of jewels, you’re moving colorful accessorized birds in the shape of cubes. When you make a match, the birds explode in a burst of feathers. To add to the fun, some of the birds wear what I like to call “suicide belts” that contain explosive or lightning blasts that clear out more birds after they burst.

Stack mode works like Tetris. The birds drop from above, two at a time, and you must slide them left or right to best position them for matches when they hit bottom. If the screen fills up before they match and clear, you lose.

All in all, you’ll probably either love or hate the way Birzzle combines classic games. For me, the combination would be even more compelling if the game used Angry Birds-like clever sound effects, like grunts and whistles of the birds, or more detailed graphics.

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