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Shadowgun tops Android Games of the Week

by Kristen Nicole

Shadowgun comes to Android with stellar graphics, including amazing shadows and lighting, bringing another Madfinger title optimized for Tegra 2 devices. DreamFishSoft is also getting feistier with its Android titles, releasing Angry Cowboy onto the Market. Sweeper 3D brings some classic Minesweeper gameplay to Android, making it a big hit with fans. Wind-up Knight is another fun side-scrolling game with plenty of 3D action.

Shadowgun ($4.99)

With amazing graphics and in-depth game play optimized for Tegra 2 Android devices, Shadowgun is another great title from Madfinger Games. Set far in the future, Shadowgun takes on a corrupt intergalactic corporation, putting you in the shoes of John Slade. As an infamous bounty hunter, it’s up to you to complete a mission of taking down a mutant army. It’s a thrilling sci-fi game that sees you battling advanced beings with an immersive storyline. There’s some mini-games to break things up along the way, but the real appeal of Shadowgun is the shooting.

Angry Cowboy (Free)

Help this angry cowboy quit his drinking habits by shooting down all the liquor bottles in the saloon. You’ll need decent aim as you fire at the falling bottles and glasses, taking down as many as possible before they hit the ground. The added challenge of not shooting food items makes Angry Cowboy a little more interesting. After all, a guy’s still gotta eat. The further along in the game you get, the more destructive weapons you’ll have on hand, such as bombs that clear the board when you shoot at it.

Sweeper 3D (Free)

Bringing back the addiction of an early PC title, Sweeper 3D puts a new spin on the classic Minesweeper game. Clear bombs on a three-dimensional board, spinning the cube to hone-in on the explosives. The cube gets smaller and smaller as you clear bombs, and animated faces are built-in clues as to where the bombs aren’t lurking. Two game modes add more interest to the game: “classic mode” is more nostalgic, while “levels mode” is a race against the clock. It will send your heart racing as you gain or lose time according to how well you flag and clear tiles.

Wind-up Knight (Free)

Wind-up Knight is a new 3D action title from Robot Invader, delivering a fun side-scrolling game of adventure. There’s 50 levels of crazy gameplay, each featuring a secret card to unearth. You’ll encounter all sorts of obstacles on your way to rescue the princess from the evil Black Knight. As with most side-scrolling games, you run, jump, roll and fight your way to victory. With four worlds to play and plenty of power-ups and weapons to collect, all in hopes of bringing a console-worthy game to your Android. There’s quirky graphics designed for high-end devices, and an original soundtrack befitting a knight.

Megastunt Mayhem (Free)

Megastunt Mayhem is a new action sports game that’s all about racing, stunts and destruction. Select your car and pimp it out with all sorts of enhancements to run butter stunts. It’s up to you to get the crowd excited, earning performance stats and destruction points in this monster-truck style game. Do flips and spins in the air, jump through fire hoops and crush lowly cars that line the arena. High scores reign in Megastunt Mayhem, with OpenFeint integration for achievements, leaderboards and even replays.

The Adventures of Tintin HD ($6.99)

Gameloft’s reliving The Adventures of Tintin with an official game launch for the movie of the same name. What began as a comic book has reached legendary status, looking to Android for a digital revival. Tintin and his faithful dog Snowy, along with Captain Haddock take on the mystery of the Secret of the Unicorn, facing danger at every turn. Head to the same locations that are featured in the movie, riding camels, flying planes and putting your detective skills to work.

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