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by HD Interactive
Download this app if: you want to try your hand as a DJ.


Advisor Review

Musical Android game MrMixIt is innovative but challenging — The more puzzle games you play, the more they start to feel repetitive. One game that feels especially innovative, though, is MrMixIt, a beat-oriented matching game in which you are a robot DJ. In the game of MrMixIt, you are beat mixing a track and have to mix or mash-up two records on a...

Developer Notes

MrMixit is a spin-based matching game where you must frantically mix record labels against the clock. Freak and tweak the turntables to assemble symbols but beware, thousands of challenging cross-cut puzzle combinations can throw you for a serious loop. So grab your headphones and try your hand...


MC — Spin, tweak, and scratch the turntables to be a DJ on your own phone.