Angry Birds Rio


by Rovio Mobile Ltd.
Download this app if: you want to play yet another installment of the popular franchise.


Advisor Review

Android App Tablet Review: Angry Birds Rio — Play Angry Birds Rio on an Android tablet device and it will be difficult to go back to playing it on a phone. The birds look more clear and vibrant than you've ever seen them before, and on such a large screen, smashing forts made of wood and glass has never felt more satisfying. While the...

Developer Notes

What happens when everyone's favorite fierce fowl get caged and shipped to Rio? They get very angry!
In Angry Birds Rio, the original Angry Birds are kidnapped and taken to the magical city of Rio de Janeiro, where they eventually escape their captors and set out to save their friends, Blu and...


It's realy cool! — Good physics and idea! I love Birds :) The colorful background graphics are stunning in this game, and as always, it is painfully addictive. I didn't know they made this game because of the movie Rio so at first I thought it was a giant coincidence but later realized my stupidity and now every...