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Vendetta Online (3D Space MMO)


by Guild Software, Inc.
Download this app if: you love playing MMORPGs.


Advisor Review

Android App Tablet Review: Vendetta Online — Vendetta Online is a traditional subscription based MMORPG that you can take anywhere with you thanks to Android tablet devices. The game is a very large and complex one in which you explore space as your very own ship. This isn't the kind of traditional mobile game that people are used to. This...

Developer Notes

Vendetta Online is a free, graphically intensive (300MB download) and cross-platform MMORPG set in space. Players take the role of spaceship pilots in a vast, persistent online galaxy. Trade between stations and build an empire, or pirate traders who dare to pursue routes through areas of lawless...


Massive Graphics — In this game you pilot a spacecraft and play against people from around the world. Solid graphics, too.

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