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by YoYo Games Ltd
Download this app if: you're looking for a unique take on platform puzzlers.


Advisor Review

Android app Karoshi is a platformer with a dark sense of humor — Nondescript Karoshi spends his days behind a desk in a nondescript high-rise, deep in the heart of downtown Tokyo. When he's not filling out never-ending TPS reports, or ogling the young female co-workers who refuse to give him the time of day, he's thinking of ways to end his miserable...

Developer Notes

Karoshi is now XPERIA™ PLAY Optimized!
We’re very happy to announce that we have added support for the Xperia™ Play to Karoshi, the world's first Playstation® Certified smartphone!

One of the most popular games on PC, iPhone and iPad now comes to Android! Karoshi has been played by millions on...


Unique — This was a popular one on the PC. I like the way that instead of saving the little guy, you have to think of different ways to kill him to pass each level! The puzzles get quite challenging too.

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