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Blue Defense: Second Wave

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Cat-in-a-box is finally in-the-house!

  • Posted by balzzzy March 02, 2011
  • Recommended for Gamers, Students or Tech/Social Networking Junkies

Some of you may have never heard of Cat-in-a-box games but Google them and check out what they have produced for iPhone/iPod to date. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? This is their first game for Android and 5th to date; a long wait but well worth it.

You are the blue planet defending an assault from the evil Red and Green enemies. Tilt your phone around to control your cannon, charge your super cannon and blast the hell out of the massive swarms of enemies trying to take over your planet of 6 billion people. Easy to pick up and continue where you left off, 4 modes to choose from and a very polished game. The detail in the visual effects are fluid and blend well with the overall package.

Classic - An infinite number of swarms attack (survival mode)
Quick Start - Pick a wave to start at and get to higher scores quicker
Gauntlet - Defend against all groups of swarms (story mode)
Level Select - Practice any of the levels

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