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Download this app if: you love the old-school Battlezone game.


Advisor Review

Tanks! Android game packs a testosterone punch — When I was a teenager, Battlezone was all the rage. This arcade and early console classic put you in the seat of a tank, and your task was simple: Navigate through the landscape, and take out the enemy tanks coming your way. Tanks! both upgrades and enhances the Battlezone experience right on...

Developer Notes

With beautiful vector graphics Tanks! is a remake of the classic Battlezone.
Play a deathmatch against your friends over WiFi. Or just run around in single player mode wiping out the enemy tanks.

Rendered in beautiful vector graphics Tanks! is a reworking of the 80's arcade classic Battlezone.


Requires OpenGL ES 2.0 — Tanks! requires OpenGL ES 2.0. My Android 2.1 tablet only supports OpenGL v 1.1, so I can't install this app. I recommend people test this by installing the Lite version first...