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Reppin' the old school and rockin' it mobile styles

  • Posted by balzzzy April 01, 2011
  • Recommended for Gamers, Students or Tech/Social Networking Junkies

If you've never played a single GameBoy Advance game before, now is your chance. If you have played before, then go get this now. This emmulator breathes life into some of the best portable classic games of all time. The emmulator runs smooth, the whole interface is customizable and I have yet to find a game that is not compatible with it. *knocks on wood* From the size and position of your buttons, screen size, resolution, the list of features goes on and on.

A quick check and I have exactly 1,111 ROMs totaling 8.13GB on my 32GB Micro SD card. Sure I don't play most of them, but I'm also never bored. Aside from playing all the classics, I constantly stumble across games that I never even knew about at the time; and could never find now no matter how hard I try. The best part is you can show all of your iPhone friends just how awesome Android really is. Make sure you crank the volume when you get those coins in Mario. Kaching! Kaching!

If you're going to get any of the emmulators available on the Market, at the very least budge on this one. Yeah it's five bucks, but the sheer volume of available games surpasses that. 1,111 games / 4.99 = 1/4 of a cent per game. I think you get the point.

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