Developer's Notes for: Hero of Magic

Developer's Notes

(aka HoM) is a tactical tower defense shooter for IOS Android systems. In this game, you will play the role of a hero defending the castle, facing thousands of monsters with only a bow and arrows! Clear them all by making full use of magic and techniques!
The abilities of your hero are divided into seven categories including "Strength, Agility, Defense, Magic Power, the Repels, the Multiple Arrow and Magic Skill. These abilities can be upgraded with gold coins obtained at each stage. Reasonable skill upgrade strategy is crucial for clearing enemy waves!

Magic skills are divided into three categories, namely Lightning, Fire and Frost, each with 3 experience levels: Primary, Advanced and Ultimate. Ultimate level skills can freeze, burn or paralyze all enemies in the screen instantly, and cause considerable damage. Besides the Heroes, certain monsters can also make limited use of spells. The game gives players nine types of free weapons, which can be collected at certain stages, players can also create their unique weapon! As the number of stages grows, more monsters will appear. For every 10 stages there is a Boss, who will use own unique techniques to overpower players' defense, players must coordinate their tactics against this threat. The ultimate aim of the game, is to use own wisdom and courage to increase players' fighting prowess, and to invade the underground city and challenge the powerful mysterious BOSS.

What are you waiting for, join the battle!

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