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Guest Post from Ashley Wilhite: Free budget management apps for Android

by Ashley Wilhite

Finding the perfect app for tracking your budget can be nearly impossible. Maybe aesthetics are important to you, or maybe you prefer an auto-sync with your checking account.Here's a quick review of three strikingly different, yet popular and free apps for your Android.


Budgetroid is a free, user friendly, real-time app for entering in your expenses on-the-go. The home page is a monthly list view with the option of sorting by transactions (withdrawals and deposits) or by labels (rent, bills, dining). You use "menu" to add transactions and labels as necessary. If you choose to organize your transactions with labels, there are 11 color choices for simpler organization. When entering in a transaction, you can choose one-time or recurring monthly. Transactions can also have start and end date and a description.

Within settings you can choose a theme with a light or dark background, manage separate accounts, choose the first day of the month, and import or export data.

If you're looking for a quick and simple way to track your spending and monitor your budget, Budgetroid may be exactly what you need.

Budget Manager

Budget Manager is another free, real-time app which allows you to enter expenses at your choosing. For each transaction you can chose the date, the account you want it listed in, if it is a deposit or a withdrawal, and add notes if you'd like. That's it. I was not impressed with this app.

A few positive notes: Withdrawals are saved in red and deposits in green so it's easy to distinguish between the two. Also, account balances can be viewed individually or as all accounts.

This app is not difficult to use, but it is less user-friendly and offers fewer choices for organizing your finances. You can find something better.

If we were to compare budgeting apps to coffee shops, would be Starbucks. It's the most popular website for tracking your finances, most likely because it allows you to organize them with the most depth and detail. An account is required which may be easier to set up on your computer. You can then sync up your bank accounts, your loans, credit cards, and any other finances you'd like to monitor.

The app is crisp and organized showing your account balance, your monthly budget, and your monthly cash flow on the home screen. A simple touch will show you each section in more detail. If you'd like, your cash flow can be divided into categories which allows for easier tracking.

The downside? You're not able to type in transactions in real-time since the app is directly linked to your bank accounts. So if you're using cash and want to stick to a budget, this app may not be the best option for you.

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