Developer's Notes for: Power.ME Professional

Developer's Notes

What you get:
Docs, Project Folders, and Tasks. Shared on the web, and with Apple devices...

Now that's out of the way---

Warning: Marketing Stuff Follows.

Your power, your way.

Power.ME is the dynamic, all-in-one life management app that organizes all your tasks, notes, and computer files in one place to give you the versatility and mobility your high-tempo life demands. Create as many project and folder layers as you want, then use the intuitive and detailed task management options to adapt Power.ME’s multifaceted features to your life.

- Manage tasks with options like start and due dates, repeating items, and reminders. .
- Use audio notes—as well as typed notes—to capture all your project brainstorming.
- Filter your tasks according to who you need to be with, where you need to be, or what you need to finish task (ex. “Boss,” “Tech Store,” “Computer w/ Internet”).
- List tasks by their priority level so you can focus on urgent and high-priority issues.
- Store, sort and view documents, spreadsheets, photos and other file types within your projects. Viewing will require third-party apps to be installed. (Contact Power.ME support for help finding a third-party app that is right for you.)

Register your Power.ME account and in addition to enabling extra features, you’ll receive a free limited time subscription to Sync & Share, which gives you even more easy-to-use capabilities.

- Assign tasks and projects to others—even those who don’t use Power.ME.
- Sync across multiple platforms: iPad, iPhone/iPod, Web, and Android.
- Back up every task, project, folder and document on our secure servers so you’ll never lose content.

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