Appolicious powers Verizon Educational Tools Viewer


by LogMeIn, Inc.
Download this app if: you want to share your mobile device screen with someone else.


Advisor Review

Android app Viewer makes collaboration easy — Say you're collaborating with a colleague or client on a special project. You're having difficulty explaining a detail in words, and you're hundreds of miles away from your nearest contact. This is the perfect opportunity to try Viewer for Android. The app not only works like a private...

Developer Notes

***NEW : the Android app is now localized! Based on your language settings of your device you can use the app in French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese.***
With the mobile viewer you can join an online meeting no matter where you are. Download the app,...


Share it — If you're looking for a way to share what's on your screen with friends or colleagues, say in a meeting, this is the app for you.