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Mighty Text Android app messages friends from your PC — Spearheaded by former Google employees, this tool allows seamless connection between the two devices and provides a convenient way to respond to messages without ever leaving your chair. Finally, after months of flying under the beta banner, Mighty Text is ready for prime time. Setting up the...

Developer Notes

SMS Text Messaging from your Computer or Tablet, using your actual Android phone number.

Texting done easier, faster, & better!

One of Time Magazine's "Best 50 Android Apps of 2013"

What our users say:

★ Text from your computer or tablet (SMS & MMS picture...


DOWNLOAD — You MUST download this app. If you use Chrome on your computer and have an Android app, you can SMS through your phone, regardless of where it is (it does need to be on and in service though). Typing messages is so much easier.