Developer's Notes for: Mining Roster Planner

Developer's Notes

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Mining Roster Planner is designed for use by miners to automatically populate an easy-to-read calendar for an entire year. Select a fly-in date, input your roster details and Mining Roster Planner will colour the year according to when you will be working days or nights, your days off and your fly in/out days. The Roster is saved so that you only have to set it up once, and can then use it as an immediate reference.

Mining Roster Planner was written in order to streamline planning around a FIFO roster, but it can also be used for any roster with days on, nights on and days off, or any combination.

Planned Features:
Generate a year of calendar - done
Colour code a FIFO roster - done
Save roster - done
Add events/dates to remember

Suggested features:
Add alarms/reminders
Integrate with Mining Pay Calculator (as a separate app)

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