Developer's Notes for: Hanglue JaRam - Level 4 Book 3

Developer's Notes

‘Hanglue JaRam’ is
designed to help your child understand the principle of Korean with fun ‘activities’ after reading children’s storybooks, consisting of total four levels (32 books) that can be chosen according to the child’s level.
It helps the child to learn Korean easily and with interest through systematic learning activities using home-study Korean-learning materials.

*Storybook (creative children’s book)
Children can be exposed to various word-environments through topics like daily life, fantasies, folktales, riddles and so on.

*Workbook (play and learn)
Children can understand the principles of Korean through repetitive and intensive activities that focus on pronunciation, such as attaching stickers, drawing, reading and so on.

The best Korean teachers are ‘mom’ and ‘dad’.
You can teach your child with this customized Korean-learning series, ‘Han glue Ja Ram’.

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