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Service With a Smile

These servers let just about any device connect to your D...
by wossman

Samba Filesharing for Android SSHDroid unlocker FTPDroid unlocker KSWEB: server + PHP + MySQL VNC server see full list
Essential Apps for Movie Buffs and Collectors

All things movies.
by wossman

IMDb Movies & TV Movies by Flixster My Movies Pro - Movie Library My Movies by pocket BLU™ see full list
Top 3 Fishing Games for Android

My favorite fishing games for Android to catch tons of fi...
by LanaLang

Russian fishing Gone Fishing: Trophy Catch i Fishing see full list
Camera Pictures Restore

Why should you download freeware Camera Pictures Restore ...
by usb2rbiz

Recover Data Recovery Manager (No Support) Recovery Executer Lite 1.5.0 see full list
Data Recovery from USB Drive presents data reviving tool ...
by uddrcm

Software Grandma CO Thespians Bubba Army see full list
My Youth in Arcades

I grew up in the days of arcades and the Atari 2600. Here...
by Cheshyr

DODONPACHI RESURRECTION ESPGALUDA Ⅱ Pinball Arcade War Pinball HD Pool Break Pro - 3D Billiards see full list
2D Shooters - Vertical scrolling (bullet hell)

The best bullet hell 2D shooters
by gderiso76

DODONPACHI RESURRECTION Shogun: Bullet Hell Shooter Shooter see full list
2D Shooters - Horizontal scrolling

The best horizontally-scrolling 2D Shooters.
by gderiso76

R-TYPE Neoteria EnbornX see full list

The best Role Playing Games
by gderiso76

9th Dawn RPG + Cardinal Quest CHRONO TRIGGER Infinite Dungeon FINAL FANTASY see full list
Forced Scrollers

Best games where scrolling is forced
by gderiso76

Ski Safari Whale Trail Frenzy Rayman Jungle Run Polara Canabalt HD see full list