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Learning Japanese

I have been learning Japanese for a few months now and I'...
by Nekoyoubi

Human Japanese Lite Human Japanese Hiragana Cards ColorDict Dictionary Google Translate see full list
Top 5 Free Party/Hosting Apps

Host a lot of parties/events at home? Here are some great...
by meowlissa

8,500+ Drink Recipes Free 10001 Cocktails Moodagent Remember The Milk Drinking Games see full list
Photo apps that come to the rescue in any situation

As an enthusiastic and experienced photographer, I am alw...
by etherealglimpse

Camera 360 Adobe Photoshop Express Vignette (deprecated) PicSay - Photo Editor Andropan ManualStitcher see full list
Tethering all the way

In the need of sharing your phone's connection? Have a lo...
by arvid

Wireless Tether for Root Users EasyTether Full tether Wifi Barnacle Wifi Tether PdaNet+ see full list
Mmmm... Android apps in the kitchen

My kitchen skills used to be limited to pasta and anythin...
by GirlGoneGeek

Epicurious Recipe App Cooking Conversions Meat Cooking Reference Grill Guide see full list
Get "teed off" with Android Golf Apps

Whether you like to hit the course yourself or just follo...
by GirlGoneGeek

TeeTimes GOLF SCORE MANAGEMENT APP Mini Golf'Oid Free Golf Channel Mobile see full list
Apps for the serious host

If you enjoy having people over, you know how much planni...
by kcooper11

10001 Cocktails Digital Recipe Sidekick. WeatherBug Moodagent Free see full list
Video Broadcasting

Great selection of applications when you are looking to l...
by arvid Broadcaster Qik Video Ustream Broadcaster Bambuser see full list
Top 5 Android Apps - hand picked

These top 5 Android Apps that are currently available in ...
by arvid

PicMe (Screen Grabber) Abduction! 2 CoPilot Live Europe Tasker Memory Trainer see full list
Addictive Android Word Games

Ready for some games that test your puzzle solving skills...
by kcooper11

Wordtris FREE! Dropwords WordPops Wordfeud FREE see full list