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Apps on the Cutting Edge of Technology and Education

For the kid in all of us, these apps are amazING!
by droidbot1000

The Amazing Spider-Man AR Writer Chroma Doze (white noise) Lapse It • Time Lapse Camera see full list
The Best Taxi Cab Finders

Whether you're traveling or local and need a lift, it's n...
by diablolita

Taxi Cabs USA Curb - Taxi Magic Prev. cab4me taxi finder AroundMe Taxi see full list
Procrastination Killers ... The Best Apps for GTD

Technology itself can be a time suck, so to make sure I s...
by diablolita

Astrid Tasks & To-do List Google Tasks Organizer Evernote Dropbox SiMi GTD see full list
Apps for surviving extreme weather

I like to do a lot of things outdoors ... from camping, t...
by diablolita

The Weather Channel Weather Underground Marine Weather by AccuWeather Army Survival Guide Extreme Weather Facts see full list
Here are the best voice recognition apps for android

From productivity helpers to music discovery apps, there ...
by diablolita

Evi Dragon Go! Shazam Voice Wiki AIVC (Alice) - Pro Version see full list
Essential Android social apps

These are apps I use every day to communicated with my fr...
by Optimike

Scope(Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr) Foursquare Panorama beta see full list
Favorite Apps For Sharing Photos

We're now in a world where we can share our photos instan...
by diablolita

Instagram Flickr Photobucket Share Print Photos SmugMug Mobile Shoebox see full list
The Best Apps for buying gifts

Between holidays, birthdays, graduations and everything e...
by JennyMurphy

Gift List Manager Gift Wizard Amazon The Right Gift Present Partner see full list
Are you ready for some football?

My family and I love football and can't get enough. Thes...
by JennyMurphy

NFL Mobile 1.0 CBS Sports Fantasy Football Pro Football Insider –NFL News Sporting News NCAA Football ESPN SportsCenter see full list
My Top Apps for Summer Recipes

As a mom, I have to plan ahead for everything, especially...
by JennyMurphy Dinner Spinner Epicurious Recipe App Smoothie Recipes Food Network In the Kitchen Mixologist™ Drink Recipes see full list