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Android Apps for all your TV & Movie Viewing Pleasure  by kcooper11

kcooper11 says: To keep up with pop culture, you've got to be on top of all the latest and greatest movies and television shows. The Android is here to keep! Scout for new content and stay on top of what you already love with these Android apps.
kcooper11's picks
  1. IMDb Movies & TV
    IMDb Movies & TV Can't remember that actor in that one show? Now you can take the Internet Movie Database with you where ever you go. Beyond a necessity for the movie buff.
  2. Movies
    Movies Stream movies right to your phone with this app. Even better, it's legal! The app is free but you do have to pay per movie rental.
  3. TV Guide for Norway
    TV Guide for Norway Do you have over 9000 channels like I do? Keep up with what's coming on and when with the official TV Guide app.
  4. miTorTV
    miTorTV This little app is a great alternative to DVR or TiVo. Use it to set up torrent trackers for all your favorite shows. It will sync the tracker with your computer which will download the newest episodes of your shows so they'll be ready to watch whenever you are.



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