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Amazon's Kindle and other Android eReader Apps  by kcooper11

kcooper11 says: Amazon's Kindle app is finally available on the Android. Although it's the most high profile eReader app released to date, it's not your only option. Check out all these eReader apps to decide which is your favorite.
kcooper11's picks
  1. Amazon Kindle
    Amazon Kindle Now you can sync the ebooks you purchased with all you devices, including iPad, iPhone, Android, as well as your desktop and Kindle. Purchase any book available for the Kindle (over 600,000 titles!) right from the app. Reading is also made super easy. The device will save your font and brightness settings, not to mention it will keep track of the page you are on.
  2. Laputa Reader(Free Books)
    Laputa Reader(Free Books) This has been my defacto book reader for the Android. It's free and has a ton of free titles to choose from, although not nearly the selection the Kindle has (but Kindle books are $10 a pop). It also has some neat features. A library for all your titles, bookmarking and a page flipping feature.
  3. All in One - Comics
    All in One - Comics So if you read my "Lovers of Classic Comics" list, you're familiar with this app. This Beekeepers app is the ultimate reader for all those old comic strips you know and love. It also has some awesome searching and sharing features as well.



I am shocked you didn't mention Aldiko. It's easily the best book reader app on Android right now.

Reply to comment Posted July 02, 2010



Aldiko is my main e-reader.

I also have Kindel, Nook, laputa, deleted Kobo (just could not stand the double marketing), short stories, Wordplayer, and wordoholic.

I generally use three of these on semi regular basis... Nook, kindel, and Aldiko. Each have good points but Aldiko seems the easiest to read and import books from various providers (in epub format). The one thing it lacks is the ablity to sync with other devices.

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Up date - do not recommend purchasing books for the Nook. The Nook has some really neat features, but is very poor at down loading books onto the android. I recommend purchasing the books from Feedbooks or Smashwords and tranferring them to the nook for the android. If you made the mistake of actually purchasing a nook to bad

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Posted October 29, 2010